Festive red glitter rim champagne flutesI'm just going to say it - Christmas is around the corner!  Though before the doors of advent calendars open and festive pyjamas are pulled out of drawers, another aspect of the season makes a much earlier appearance... the celebrations!  Christmas parties tend to begin late-November, which is all fun and games if you're the guest, but how about when you're the hostess?  Advance planning is your best friend, trust me.  Once you've considered the logistics and ticked off all the things that make you wonder why you agreed to host a party in the first place, it's time for the finishing touches - the fun part!  So to help kickstart thoughts of pretty details, I've put together a simple yet stunning DIY: festive flutes for the party season...
DIY Glitter rim champagne flute glasses
Prosecco in Culinary Concepts silver stag head wine cooler
Tube of red glitter flakes being poured into bowl
What have I used?

Champagne flutes

Shallow bowl of water (1-2cm)

Red ribbon

Red festive glitter rim champagne flute glasses
Festive red glitter rim champagne glasses Christmas
Festive red berries and white candle at Christmastime
After dipping the glass rims upside down in a shallow pool of water, shake off any excess water and then move them over to the glitter. Wriggle, wriggle.  Once you're happy with the rim, pour your chosen poison into the glass!  Personally, I chose to cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and use it as a funnel to ensure no liquid knocked any glitter into the drink.  Though thankfully most edible decorations will dissolve within a couple of minutes anyway.

You'll most likely recognise this style from having been served a sugar-rimmed drink at a bar at some point.  However for this festive creation I've chosen instead to use edible red glitter.  It's both seasonal and high impact!  Having said that, with the only other substance involved being water, the options really are endless for when it comes to choosing which material to coat the rims. If this isn't quite your thing, you could perhaps consider using coconut flakes, 100s and 1000s, sugar frosting or perhaps even bronze crunch leftover from your Halloween baking?!
Red decorative bows on festive champagne flutes
Festive way of presenting your Christmas party drinks
Now all that remains is to take a pair of scissors to some ribbon, tie your bows and voila, festive (and totally Instagram-friendly) drinks!  This same method can be applied to any of your party season drinks: festive glitter for flutes of prosecco, edible 'snow' for champagne coupes or perhaps coconut flakes for the shot glasses at your aprés ski party!

With love,

Gabrielle x