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Monday, 5 December 2016

Cologne Christmas Markets: What To See and Where To Stay

Rudolfplatz Cologne Christmas MarketSo, we're just a few days into December and already the festive season has been completely magical! Last week I spent a few days in Germany at the heart of Cologne as per annual tradition.  Having visited at Christmastime each year for as long as I can remember, the city now holds a very special place in my heart, and I've been so looking forward to sharing this year's experience with you.  Considering how festive markets (weihnachtsmarkt) are becoming increasingly popular, I've divided this travel diary into a guide through my favourite Christmas Markets in Cologne, as well as my personal recommendation on where best to stay.  Enjoy!


Located at the interchange station Rudolfplatz (surprise, surprise), the Fairytale Market is brilliant for easing yourself into the festive action.  As shown above, the stalls are traditionally German combined with an air of fairytale.  It's approximately a 15-20 minute walk from Cologne Cathedral, seeing you pass hundreds of shops along the way - perfect for building an appetite!  Due to its location, you can expect to find large groups of office workers enjoying a drink as it gets dark, so arrive early if you're looking for a calmer experience.

Perfect for: a brief day-time visit to begin your time in Cologne - plus, there's also a huge pharmacy located on the corner should you be in need of one!
Travel blogger list of the best Cologne Christmas Markets
Sweet German Christmas market food


Arguably the most popular Christmas market in Cologne, the 150 cookie-cutter wooden pavilions sit directly next to (Roman Catholic) Cologne Cathedral.  It's magical by both day and night, though if you're looking to immerse yourself in a buzzing atmosphere filled with thousands of twinkling lights and the sound of live music, be sure to visit the Kölner Dom market once it's dark.  Besides the stunning cathedral backdrop, another standout feature is the illuminated Christmas tree positioned in the middle of the market.  Just beautiful.

Perfect for: sampling a wide range of food, getting gorgeous photos and for enjoying an entire evening after having soaked up the tranquility of Cologne Cathedral.
Christmas Market next to Cologne Cathedral
Kölner Dom illuminated Christmas tree
Christmas market Cologne Cathedral by night


I'm hesitant to say which market is my favourite as it seems to change with every year; however this year, Heimat der Heinzel well and truly took my breath away!  There's something to see at every turn and it's evident as soon as you step through the arch that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating a festive and entirely magical space.  A lot of the roofs feature fun, festive designs such as chimneys and reindeer, while lights are strung from the surrounding trees (similar to Markt der Engel).  With regard to shopping, in my opinion this is the best market for actually finding some fabulous gifts.

Perfect for: shopping, ice-skating, socialising and having an all-encompassing, beautiful experience of Cologne at Christmastime.
Heimat der Heinzel Cologne Christmas market
Europe Cologne best Christmas markets
Cologne Christmas market floating decorations
Christmas market ice rink at Cologne Market


Possibly the most romantic of markets, the Angel Market features 1000 star lights in the trees around Neumarkt - which is worth visiting for alone!  No matter how crowded it becomes, Cologne's oldest market somehow manages to remain peaceful, making it the ideal spot to meet up with friends/family or anyone you may have travelled with.  Items sold from the chalets are at times slightly more luxurious than other markets, though food is still priced the same.       

Perfect for: winding down on your last night with a couple of hot chocolate and baileys, picking up artisans' gifts and experiencing a moment you'll never forget.
Cologne Markt der Engel Christmas market
Christmas market decorations for sale Germany

Colourful festive Christmas votives


Having stayed at a handful of hotels at the heart of Cologne, it quickly became clear it's best to stay as close to Cologne Cathedral as possible.  That way, your entire festive experience can be enjoyed on foot in an approx. 30 minute radius.  It also means if you encounter difficulties locating your hotel, it's easy to get navigations back to Kölner Dom from locals!  My current favourite is the Hilton Cologne, an 'upscale city centre hotel' just a block from Köln S-Bahn station and a 4 minute walk to the Cathedral.

Hilton Cologne
Marzellenstrabe 13-17
Cologne urban sunset view from hotel
Sunset view from Hilton Cologne
Best modern hotels in Cologne for Christmas markets
As much as I enjoy the quirks and surprises that come with independent hotels, our annual visit to Cologne has proven to work best when we know exactly what we're returning to each evening.  The beauty of Hilton hotels is the guaranteed level of modernity, cleanliness and amenities.  The Hilton Cologne is, in my opinion, the perfect hotel to act as base for ventures out to the city's Christmas markets.  What it lacks in German traditionalism, it makes up for with style and comfort.  It's also home to IceBar, the 'hottest cocktail bar in town' featuring over 100 types of vodka.  Alternatively, you can enjoy a drink in the adjoining hotel bar to the sound of live music (a Rosé Spritzer to the sound of a piano and flute duet proved to be the perfect end to my stay!).
Modern bedrooms Hilton Cologne Hotel in Germany
Hilton Cologne interior design travel blogger
Luxury travel blogger guide to Christmas markets in Cologne


As I've no doubt you're aware, just like every other city, Cologne has one million and one things to offer.  However, if you're there purely for the Christmas markets, before you leave be sure to visit Cologne Cathedral; the interior is just as breathtaking as the exterior.  Plus, just across the street on the corner, a bakery (Kamps) can be found - perfectly convenient for picking up a couple of filled rolls or oversized cakes to munch on the journey back to the airport!
Kölner Dom Cologne Cathedral in winter
Large sweet cake from Kamps Bakery Cologne

What to wear in winter in Cologne fashion blogger
It's safe to say I've got one massive crush on Cologne - I literally have to drag myself away at the end of each visit!  Two or three nights is all you need to soak up the festive atmosphere and sample a little of everything.  So, if you're looking to experience authentic Christmas markets at their best, I can't recommend the city enough for a December break!

The Christmas Advent Markets in Köln run from 21st November to 23rd December 2016.

With love,

Gabrielle x



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