Festive party quick and easy appetizers After sharing a DIY on A Glass Of Ice for Glitter Rim Drinks last month, I started thinking about other ways in which you can take the hassle out of being the hostess.  I'm all for high-impact recipes that are (secretly) quick and easy to create, and so I've put a few of my favourite simple appetizers together in this post that have proven to be quick to assemble - and tasty!  Should you find yourself rushing around the kitchen at some point this season, perhaps for relatives arriving on your doorstep or for a friend's Christmas party (ooh that dreaded line: 'bring along a dish'), I hope these refreshing appetisers will give you more time to curl your hair and perfect your winged liner!
Quick and easy last minute appetizers

Celery Appetizer

First up, celery sticks filled with Primula Original Cheese Spread.  This is undoubtedly the easiest appetizer I've ever tried and one of my long-term favourites thanks to the recipe's simplicity!  For added flavour and to make the cheese look a little more appealing, sprinkle some paprika on top.  The only chance of slipping up here is by not using a ruler to ensure each celery stick is of the same length.
Quick and easy no cook appetizers for Christmas

Tomato Appetizer

Okay, these are just so cute.  If you happen to have baby vine tomatoes sitting in your fridge - you're in luck!  Scoop out some of the inside of each tomato using a small instrument (such as a melon baller), before filling the skins with Philadelphia (medium fat soft cheese).  For a fishing touch that will go some way in making it look as though you've spent hours in the kitchen, top off each tomato with fresh parsley.  Ta-dah!
Quick and luxurious looking party appetizers

Bruschetta Appetizer

If you're looking to impress, introducing bruschetta as an appetizer is a great option.  I've used sourdough bruschettas with garlic and rosemary from Waitrose and I can't even tell you how delicious they are.  You can be as adventurous as you like with toppings, though a couple of items to consider that you may already have sitting in your fridge include (sliced) baby vine tomatoes and mozzarella.
Quick and easy party bruschetta toppings

Olive Appetizer 

I'm not a fan of olives, not at all.  However, I can appreciate there are plenty of (totally crazy) olive-lovers out there.  I've put together Spanish Manzanilla olives and Manchego cheese for this appetizer as they're meant to go well together.  The two other types of olives spotted in this post are pitted black olives and if you're wanting to go the extra mile, put out a couple of dishes of Kalamata olives. Sorry guys you'll have to peer into these photos to catch a glimpse of the olives as I conveniently didn't shoot any close-ups of them...
Last minute luxurious appetizers for party gathering
Winter party luxurious spread of nibbles
I love creating appetizers thanks to how experimental you can be - there's very little chance to get it wrong!  The only thing to keep in mind is size; 1-2 bites (3 at most) works best per appetizer.  Anyway, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these recipes - and do let me know if you have longterm fave appetizer of your own?!

With love,

Gabrielle x