Stylish desk setup with chrome lanternDon't worry, you're not the only one who's noticed I enjoy making lists!  The thing is, it's partly out of habit (having done so for years) and partly because I find creating them therapeutic.  We all have our familiar habits and creature comforts, though it's at this time of year they really prove to be worth their weight in gold.  Whether it's immersing yourself in a new box set, slipping into fleece loungewear or simply treating yourself more kindly, January is the month to pull out all the stops and show yourself some love!  With this in mind, and the fact today has become known as 'Blue Monday', I've put together 10 possible ways to lift your mood this month...
Silver and brown large abstract art
10 Ways to Lift Your Mood in January

1 - Try not to overthink.  Easier said than done, I know!  

2 - Book travel.  Arrange some adventures for later in the year to start looking forward to

3 - Workout.  Or if you don't enjoy working out, walk.  Walk, walk, walk...

4 - Enjoy your food.  A bar of chocolate after a stressful day doesn't mean you've 100% turned your back on your New Year resolution.  Relax.   

5 - Interact.  Arrange to see friends to avoid a Cold Turkey effect after having enjoyed a super-social festive season.  Try to balance out every hour of socialising with two hours of 'me time'

6 - Pamper yourself.  You know the drill: baths, candles, loungewear etc.

7 -  Mini projects.  Throw yourself into mini indoor projects that keep you busy without freezing you to the core eg. DIY, artwork, decluttering etc.

8 - Films.  Especially comedies!

9 - Treat yourself.  It could be as little as a bouquet of flowers for your coffee table, or new book to read on the train

10 - Look out for others.  If you can't take your mind off yourself, your next move could be to turn your attention to others.  How can you help them?

Litecraft chrome lantern with tan strap
Chrome silver lantern with tan strap
Stylish desk scene featuring magazines and snacksSpeaking of pampering, Litecraft have totally lifted my mood this week with this gorgeous chrome lantern c/o; I actually have quite a few outdoor lanterns and so to have one suited to sitting prettily on a desk is just perfect.  I can see many cosy late nights ahead this winter, writing by its glow!  One of my favourite pick-me-ups during winter is to write late at night, hot chocolate on one side and soft lighting on the other.

The chances are your month is already including some of the suggestions above, but if something is on your mind and/or you feel your mood slipping a little, I hope some of my other tips can be of help.  And hey, if all else fails, just focus on the warmer, sunnier days ahead!

With love,

Gabrielle x