5 Tips for keeping to your new year fitness resolutionsI'd always thought I was in the minority by not creating New Year's resolutions, however after a bit of asking around, it seems many of us are opposed to the idea.  Instead, we set goals.  Ambitious but entirely manageable goals.  Thinking about it, goals are resolutions broken down into bitesize chunks, ready to be ticked off step-by-step throughout the year.  But anyway, regardless of whether you refer to them as 'resolutions' or 'goals', if the theme is fitness related, I might just be able to help...
Blog tips for keeping to your new year fitness resolution

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Tips for sticking to your winter fitness goalsCreating new fitness goals is the easy part, implementing and sticking to them is when things get trickier.  I was fortunate to have discovered the world of fitness years ago as a stress-reliever (check out my 5 Reasons To Start Running) and so I was unlikely to fight again the transition of having a routine - though having said that, the beginning is always the hardest!  With this in mind, I've put together 5 tips for sticking to your 2017 fitness goals; regardless of whether you're a fitness fanatic looking to up your game, or stepping into trainers for the first time since 441 B.C.  Because let's face it, January feels like a dumbbell to the face and so we can use any help we can get!
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Make your resolution/goals manageable.  Be realistic about your starting point this year and how much you can achieve each week (while still making yourself proud).  You'll feel much better for reaching your targets, and much less likely to give in at the first hurdle.  This is partly why I'm a fan of goals, rather than one terrifying resolution.  And hey, if you surpass your benchmarks - fab!  


Be creative with your routine.  Regardless of how long you've been on your fitness journey, only good things can come from tweaking your schedule and occasionally trying something new.  It can be as simple as a new class, routine or jogging route  - perfect to consider in February when your motivation may be wavering.


Develop a healthy mindset.  Finding a way to deal with any setback will be way more beneficial to your overall goal than beating yourself up for ten days.  As many have said before, the path to success is a bumpy one and will see you have good and bad days alike.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on..


Find a balance between looking up fitness inspiration on Instagram and focussing on your own journey.  'Comparison is the thief of joy' - keep reminding yourself of your own, personal motives for wanting to raise your fitness game, rather than other people's goals.  Visualise your success.


Write out a reward plan and stick it on your noticeboard.  Set rewards (suiting your budget) and work towards them.  It could be makeup, lingerie, or personally I tend to buy activewear every 2-3 months once I've pushed through a goal - it's a win-win! 

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UK fitness blogger tips on sticking to fitness goals

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Tips for New Year's fitness resolution and goalsI hope my tips will be of some use to you over the next few months - just remember, the beginning is always the hardest and if you stay focussed and keep picking yourself up and moving forwards, it's only going to get more enjoyable as the year goes on!

I'd love to hear whether you've set yourself a fitness goal for 2017?  Let me know in the comments below!

With love,

Gabrielle x