Ways to refresh your blog such as a redesignHmm, notice anything different around here?  My blog's been given a makeover ready for the year ahead!  It occurred to me while writing up my 5 Tips For Sticking To Your 2017 Fitness Goals, that the same level of 'rejuvenation' suits just about every area of life - especially during the month of January.  It's at this time of year we're all looking for ways to refresh certain areas, and so a few changes here and some tweaks there, and my space has been given a new lease of life for 2017!  If, like me, you love hitting the 'refresh' button where possible, read on for a few ideas on how to refresh your blog for 2017...
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Photography - I may subconsciously be trying to justify how much time I spend on photography right now, but considering eyes shoot straight to photos when visiting a website, it makes sense to step up your game and enjoy the process!  You could also learn editing software such as Lightroom/Photoshop, or become familiar with editing apps like VSCO


Headshot - I should really practice what I preach; I think I've had three 'main' headshots since starting A Glass Of Ice.  Changing your headshot used across your blog/social is a fab way to switch things up and update readers on whose blog they're reading


Comb through your pages - Is your email accurate on your Contact page?  Does your About page still include quotes you now cringe at?  Do all of your pages (eg. travel, lifestyle, fashion) work?


Design - Without a doubt, my favourite 'refresh' of late has been giving my blog another makeover through Pipdig.  I was starting to get itchy feet with my old design and if you feel the same, revamping your entire space might be something to consider  


Change fonts - Simple, but effective


Clean-up old links - The jeans you wore are now out of stock, you may have referred to an old blog post that's since been deleted etc.


Social media - A fun way to refresh your online presence could also be by turning your attention to your social media: Twitter's headshot and/or header photo, Instagram bio and more!

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3 ways to refresh your blog for a new yearNeedless to say, these 7 tips are just the tip of the iceberg - there are tons of ways in which you can refresh your blog!  Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think of my blog's makeover, as well as how you plan to be (or have been) refreshing your blog this season!

With love,

Gabrielle x