Valentine's Day Pretty Drink PresentationWith Valentine's Day fast approaching, I've been thinking about ways to celebrate the occasion.  More to the point, I've been thinking about ways to celebrate the occasion regardless of your relationship status!  Whether February 14th is spent with a partner, on your own, or with a group of friends, if you're planning a night in, something that's guaranteed to go down well is an array of sweet treats!  So, you've baked the main attraction and now you're looking to embellish the scene - what do you reach for?
Pretty Valentine's Day Drinks Setup

Bowl of raspberries
Pink gold rimmed china by Suite One at Anthroplogie
Something that can often be overlooked is glassware - they don't need to be left bare (ooh).  A popular option includes decorating glasses with sugar.  Alternatively, take a peek at my Glitter Rim Drink DIY from earlier this winter; it was created with the festive season in mind, though could easily transfer to romantic occasions.  Anyway, choose your poison and then select a fruit to place within the glass, or to balance on the rim.  Strawberries have long been associated with Valentine's Day, though raspberries are just a little bit cuter, right?

Psst!  House of Fraser have some gorgeous glassware available right now, including some dreamy bar accessories (think along the lines of Biba gold ice buckets and Casa Couture copper cocktail shakers!)
Raspberry dropped into glass of champagne
Pretty flowers placed inside ice cubes
Continuing with the idea of 'embellishing' what you've already prepared, one of my favourite ways to create high impact with very little effort, is to place flowers within ice cubes.  Pick a few small flower heads, place them in your ice cube tray covered with water and then freeze for four hours.  If you plan on placing them in drinks, be sure to buy edible flowers to ensure nobody ends up coughing up petals!  

The Jonny's Sister personalised ice bucket shown in this post was a recent gift from a relative which I just love, I can't get over the pretty silver font!  And the pink crockery shown is by Suite One Studio at Anthropologie, with their pastel-coloured, whimsical designs going a long way in setting a dreamy scene.
Pretty bowl of ice cubes mixed with raspberries
Personalised white and silver ice bucketI love any reason to celebrate and so the excuse to go totally crazy with heart shapes and sugary treats is a temptation I've never been able to resist!  If you don't think your other half would appreciate the heart-shaped marshmallows and ahem, floral ice cubes, this could be a great reason to host a Galentine's Day celebration!  Anyway, I'd love to hear your plans for February 14th?

With love,

Gabrielle x