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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Valentine's Day: Embellishing The Scene

Valentine's Day Pretty Drink PresentationWith Valentine's Day fast approaching, I've been thinking about ways to celebrate the occasion.  More to the point, I've been thinking about ways to celebrate the occasion regardless of your relationship status!  Whether February 14th is spent with a partner, on your own, or with a group of friends, if you're planning a night in, something that's guaranteed to go down well is an array of sweet treats!  So, you've baked the main attraction and now you're looking to embellish the scene - what do you reach for?
Pretty Valentine's Day Drinks Setup

Bowl of raspberries
Pink gold rimmed china by Suite One at Anthroplogie
Something that can often be overlooked is glassware - they don't need to be left bare (ooh).  A popular option includes decorating glasses with sugar.  Alternatively, take a peek at my Glitter Rim Drink DIY from earlier this winter; it was created with the festive season in mind, though could easily transfer to romantic occasions.  Anyway, choose your poison and then select a fruit to place within the glass, or to balance on the rim.  Strawberries have long been associated with Valentine's Day, though raspberries are just a little bit cuter, right?

Psst!  House of Fraser have some gorgeous glassware available right now, including some dreamy bar accessories (think along the lines of Biba gold ice buckets and Casa Couture copper cocktail shakers!)
Raspberry dropped into glass of champagne
Pretty flowers placed inside ice cubes
Continuing with the idea of 'embellishing' what you've already prepared, one of my favourite ways to create high impact with very little effort, is to place flowers within ice cubes.  Pick a few small flower heads, place them in your ice cube tray covered with water and then freeze for four hours.  If you plan on placing them in drinks, be sure to buy edible flowers to ensure nobody ends up coughing up petals!  

The Jonny's Sister personalised ice bucket shown in this post was a recent gift from a relative which I just love, I can't get over the pretty silver font!  And the pink crockery shown is by Suite One Studio at Anthropologie, with their pastel-coloured, whimsical designs going a long way in setting a dreamy scene.
Pretty bowl of ice cubes mixed with raspberries
Personalised white and silver ice bucketI love any reason to celebrate and so the excuse to go totally crazy with heart shapes and sugary treats is a temptation I've never been able to resist!  If you don't think your other half would appreciate the heart-shaped marshmallows and ahem, floral ice cubes, this could be a great reason to host a Galentine's Day celebration!  Anyway, I'd love to hear your plans for February 14th?

With love,

Gabrielle x



  1. You have such creative ideas! I remember your sugar decor from Christmas post, it is totally appropriate for Vday as well, especially if we choose red colour with sugar. Those flowers in ice cubes are a fabulous idea as well. Fruits in drinks are a nice touch as well. Great Valentine's day inspiration!

    I love the idea of celebrating Valentine's day with friends. Some people don't celebrate it at all and that is fine but with all the commercialization around it, somehow it is not really possible to ignore it completely. So, why not celebrate it any way we want?

    I think it is a pretty good idea to celebrate it in non romantic ways, not just so that single people don't feel excluded but because we should take every opportunity to do sweet gestures for others. Why not use Valentine's day to buy presents from friends or make something cute for them? or organize a nice get together...or even organize a spa night for ourselves? Options are endless.

    Typically, I celebrate it with my significant other and as far as I can remember it is always a special day. I like to prepare a special meal on that day and I would much rather celebrate it at home because restaurants are so crowded on that day...and I don't like to be predictable. I eat in restaurants often enough, I don't need it for Valentine's day:)...but I guess everyone has their preferences. It is important that we decided what works best for us.

    p.s. thank you for your sweet comment!

  2. Gabrielle, those glasses are truly beautiful. I love the addition of fruit to drinks :) So pretty. A very nice touch for Valentine's Day.

  3. Oh this is such a lovely post and what a beautiful way to set things out, it looks so romantic, especially with the tiny flowers and fruit in the glasses, added to the drinks. Lovely! - Tasha

  4. I love the glasswear and pretty set up! My hubby and I don't do much since we spend a lot of time travelling, but we definitely love to have dinner together and a glass of wine from time to time and this is perfect!


  5. Those are great embellishing details Gabrielle! I've never thought of edible flowers or raspberries, so I'm definitely making a mental note of that :). I don't usually celebrate valentine's day but it's definitely a beautiful day for love birds! :) xo~ Lena

  6. Oh my goodness. This is such a beautiful post. I am fond of your creative ideas! But this Valentine's Day we will be in the city of love. But since Valentine's is every day for those in love I will "steal" your idea. Have a lovely day Gaby :)

  7. Oh my goodness, these glasses are absolutely stunning, what a subtle change but huge difference they make!


  8. Love these amazing Valentine's Day ideas! Everything looks super cute and romantic <3

  9. I won't celebrate Valentine's Day this year but I might just make myself a little cocktail x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  10. These photos are absolutely beautiful, Gabrielle! Those are the prettiest marshmallows I've ever seen and I can't get over the gold trimmed drinkware!


  11. Girl your photography just gets better and better with each post and when I think it can't get any better you still manage to make it better! The flower ice cubes are just the cutest and that's an idea I'll definitely be using!
    Amy xx

  12. This is so so adorable! It's true that Valentine's Day can be shared and celebrated with any group of people - sometimes it's just as fun with your girl friends. I love fancy glassware! It makes every little get-together that much more special xx

  13. Such a lovely and cute post, these photos and the arrangements are so lovely. I love the idea of doing something nice on Valentine's Day regardless if you celebrate alone or with others! Xx

  14. Nice post, dear! Love your blog (:

  15. Love the champagne saucers, what a beautiful looking drink!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  16. I LOVE the idea of using sugar around the rim of a glass, it just adds that extra special feel ! Me and my girlfriend are a lil bit low on funds at the minute so we're going to be having a nice meal together at home so I will definitely be using some of these lovely decorating techniques :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  17. I refuse to celebrate Valentines Day, in my opinion it is all about making money, not about love and friendship. But each to their own, and your decorations are pretty enough dor any special night, be it alone, with a partner or with a group of friends.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  18. very romantic pictures dear
    new review on my blog <<< cases and wallet 2 in 2 for iphone >>>
    have an happy day, kisses

  19. This is so adorable, it makes me want to squeal. Honestly such beautiful photos! I'll be celebrating Valentines day with my roommates this year (Galentines day), and we plan to have a party like none other. We also love pretty things, so I may have to use some of these ideas. Lovely post :)
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

  20. Love this setup , everything looks adorable, Gabrielle. I like that you chose raspberries instead of strawberries.
    Nina's Style Blog

  21. Love these pictures! They're wonderful! Great ways to introduce valentines!

    Darriyan xo

  22. Your photography is so stunning! Putting flower petals in ice cubs and using the fancy glassware can make a night so special! These drinks look amazing, such a pretty post xx

    My Lovelier Days

  23. great ideas dear
    Ilove love the glasses

  24. Celebrating without a partner is totally acceptable! I love love love the photography! Great idea to put flowers in the ice cubes!

  25. These photos are absolutely stunning! I'll definitely be adding some edible flowers in some ice cubes to jazz up my gin and tonics, they look so pretty x

    Always, Alice

  26. This Valentine's inspired post is lovely Gabrielle, great glassware and those cocktails look delicious! Really like the ice-cubes with the little florals in, a lovely touch!

    We should pencil a date in the diary to try out some tasty cocktails sometime soon :)

    Great photographs as always, you're so talented!

    Laura xo

  27. Amazing photos lovely! Love the heart shaped marshmallows x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  28. The ice cubes are such a good idea! Flowers are a great Valentine's day classic, so having them in your drink is really cute and unique. Of course, I'd open a bottle of pink champagne for the occasion :D The display you created is super pretty. For Valentine's day I'll be on Skype because my boyfriend lives in the other side of the world (how sad is that haha), but I'm planning on getting him a quirky Valentine's card - Clintons always has an amazing selection of cards!
    I hope you'll have a wonderful Valentine's day, no matter what you do and who you spend it with! :)

    Julia x
    Last post: Up the hill of Montmartre, Paris |

  29. Valentine's never looked so gorgeous Gabrielle! Your stunning creations for embellishing the scene are totally making me wish February 14th was right this minute. So much dreamy and so much divine! I'm so into decorated glasses with sugar, they always look so party perfect and your Glitter Rim Drink DIY is the epitome of that. I absolutely LOVE the idea of placing flowers within ice cubes too; so unique and gorgeous, I'd never have thought of that and you're giving me all the botanical inspo! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  30. I have no plans whatsoever for Valentine's Day, but this is just so pretty, I have to at least set up a nice day for myself! I'll definitely use this as a guide.

    I hope your week is going well Gabrielle!

    Amber -

  31. flowers in the ice cube is such a nice touch!

  32. Oh man, what a romantic setting!! Those look lovely! <3 -

  33. This is such an beautiful scene! I love that you managed to incorporate traditional aspects of Valentine's Day with classic elegance. Gorgeous!

  34. Everything looks so lovely on your photos!!!

    The White Ocean

  35. Great ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day in style - love the idea of the edible flowers in ice cubes, looks so pretty!


  36. I always get excited for Valentine's Day and I love everything about this day! Your photos are amazing! x


  37. The glasses look so beautiful and photogenic! I love the ice cube idea it's so unique and I haven't heard of that before! Thanks so much for sharing xx

  38. I absolutely love your cocktail glasses!! My boyfriend and I don't have much planned for Valentine's Day but I'll probably head out to buy him chocolates during my lunch break today!

  39. You have some of the best blog photography I've seen in the blogosphere! I just love it. I'm a single pringle but I loved having a read of this! Have a lovely weekend :)

    Trishna xx

  40. Gabrielle I love this glasses - the ones with the gold rim!! Are they from House of Fraser? I need them in my life like now :) ! I love the heart shaped marshmallows too! We arrive in Cambodia on Valentines Day so it will be interesting to see how they celebrate Valentines Day out there xx

  41. Everything looks divine!! I loved the idea of the ice cubes, it's very delicate and nice!
    I don't have an exact plan for Valentine's day, but I'm going to be travelling so that's great! I will probably go for a coffee and a cake to celebrate on that day ;)


    Seize your Style

  42. These pictures are gorgeous you're so creative they're lovely. I get so excited to spend Valentines Day with my boyfriend!

    Lauren x Huggled

  43. I want a drink of that. Looks incredible.
    I don't have any V-Day plans, probably will spend it with some friends.

  44. I want some! That drink looks so amazing. I haven't made any vday plans. I just want chocolate. Hahaha

  45. This is a great way to celebrate! I love the drinks they look not only lovely but delicious :)

  46. When I get my own place in the future I can't wait to get pretty and fancy glassware and utensils, they make plain food look so much better and more fun to eat! Love the spread here AND the amazing photos!

    Macarons and Mischief

  47. I so in love with these lovely photograph you took :)
    It is such a fancy glassware as well!!!
    Have a strong romantic touch, so good for Valentine's Day x

  48. Omg I love these photographs, you have such an eye so pretty things like this! And this just looks wonderful, and I like what you say about celebrating whether you're in a relationship or not. I've recently kinda gotten into one, so it should be interesting to see how he plays it out this February 14th c':

    Little Moon Elephant

  49. Love your photos hun, happy friday xx

  50. I'm the same, I love any reason to celebrate, but actually I don't have any plans for Valentine's Day, yet.
    You've definitely done a great job of embellishing the scene, your pictures look amazing!

  51. This looks wonderful! I completely agree that people should have a great time at Valentine's Day regardless what their relationship status is. Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    Christina ♥

  52. very nice ideas! a little bit too romantic for my taste but I like the way you are thinking

    Inside and Outside Blog

  53. I absolutely LOVE the idea of freezing edible flowers, it looks so beautiful! I remember the post you did with the glitter rim and it looked so beautiful, it's such a great idea for any festive occasion. Thanks so much for sharing such lovely ideas on dressing up our drinks, though I won't be partaking this year :( I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, girlie!



  54. Omg I'm totally in love with the glasses !!! So delicate and elegant !
    And like you, I love every single occasion there is to celebrate something :)

    Kenza from

  55. I absolutely love those little ice cubes with the flowers inside, it's such a great idea but so easy to do as well :) My boyfriend and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day as it can get a little expensive with my birthday being two weeks before and his two weeks after but these are such fab ideas that we can do at home and won't cost a fortune. x

  56. Che bello!! Quanto romanticisno!!

  57. This is such a cute idea and much better to do something like this as a singleton rather than feeling sorry for yourself. Love, love, love the petal icecubes! Will definitely be doing something like this in the summer if not in the next couple of weeks.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jaz xoxo

  58. Everything is so cute! You have the best ideas! I definitely need to try freezing tiny flowers in ice cubes, they look so pretty! :) xx

  59. Girl this looks SO bloody dreamy - I swear you always make the most beautiful drinks (I loved your Christmas prosecco ones too!). Completely with you on celebrating Valentine's whether it's on your own, with the girls or your boyfriend - it should be about love in general! <3

    Hayley xo

  60. So dainty, elegant and most of all beautiful! It's conjures a romantic ambiance! :)


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