All black fitnesswear mesh topAs much as I encourage pushing your limits when it comes to working out, I'm well aware winter (especially January) is a poor time to be talking about how much I love running and how great it is to try new sports/classes (I'll save that for next month!). Earlier this month I included walking within a list of 10 Ways To Lift Your Mood In January, and was so pleased to see how many people also found the simple act of heading out for a walk to be a total mood-booster.  Considering everything that winter throws at us (fewer hours of daylight, nasty colds and the general desire to hibernate 24/7), I started thinking about how walking is totally underrated.

Black activewear mesh jacket by South Beach

Sunglasses - Vera Wang

Jacket - South Beach Mesh Hoody at ASOS

Leggings - Kyodan

Trainers - Nike Revolution 3 Running c/o Brantano

Sunshine through the trees in a wood
Vera Wang black reflective sunglasses
Nike Women's Purple Revolution Trainers
UK fashion blog black mesh activewearPersonally, I tend to attach walks to the end of runs, or just to get from A to B.  But somewhere in the middle lies the perfect pace ready to be unlocked, and one that helps our minds, bodies and souls.  It's one that sees us explore new locations, get your fix of Vitamin D from the sun (here's hoping!), gives us 'thinking time' and helps our bodies in the meantime.  Oh, and it's a pretty good opportunity to listen to all the new music you've just downloaded as well!     
UK fitness blog reasons to walk this winter
Long blonde hair from the back in the woodsLike I said, walks can help you discover some gorgeous places - on this occasion with a friend, we came across a gorgeous patch of woodland filled with trees bending in all directions (kind of reminded me of a scene set in the woods from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!).  Anyway, I'd love to hear how you feel about walking during the winter months?

With love,

Gabrielle x