Fashion blogger styling denim dungarees
While in Brighton the weekend before last, I took the opportunity to whip out one of my favourite purchases of the year so far - denim dungarees!  With a newfound love for pieces designed by Donna Ida for Jaeger since styling a midi skirt for Autumn and swapping skinny jeans for flares, I picked up these gorgeous dungarees last month after spotting them in the sale.  I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing them appear time and time again on A Glass Of Ice, though for now they can be found on Brighton Pier, basking in the sun...
Winter Sun Photograph of Brighton Pier
Fashion Blog Styling Denim Dungarees in Winter
Blue and White Striped Shirt with Overalls

Shirt - Warehouse

Bag - Zara

Sunglasses - Bally
British fashion blogger styling denim dungarees
Fashion Style Blog Brighton Pier PhotoshootThe beauty of denim dungarees undoubtedly lies in how versatile they are; roll-neck bodies worn underneath leather jackets on cold days, loose shirts when under the winter's sun and as little as you like during summer!  Knee-high black boots definitely weren't my first choice for styling these dungarees, but despite the sun it was still too cold for anything else.  Brrr.  Anyway, whether you're looking to jump on the dungaree-bandwagon, or wanting to add more to your collection, below I've listed a ton of other fab options available right now across the web - browse to your heart's content!

Brighton Seaside Landscape in the Sunshine
Donna Ida for Jaeger Denim Dungarees

With love,

Gabrielle x