Black fishnet ankle socks
As you can tell from the occasional white spotting across these images - it's been snowing!  I feel as though I've been waiting forever for the white fluffy stuff, and ironically it finally started falling while  I was wearing a cropped sweater.  So I guess the moral of the story is... to be careful what you wish for!  Anyway, I've mentioned before I have a pretty extensive collection of activewear, and so needless to say I've been adoring the athleisure hype.  Some say it's dying a grim death, others are hugging their trainers.  Me?  I'll forever be on board, so long as I'm able to dress it up every now and again.  Cue my current fave stilettos and a gold pleated skirt...
Styling a gold pleated midi skirt in winter

Athleisure styling in winter 2017
Dainty gold hoop earring

Jumper - Adidas Cropped Sweater (similar here)

Skirt - Zara Pleated Midi Skirt (more metallic pleats below!)

Heels - Lost Ink

Dressing up Athleisure in winter
Zara Simon Z for Accessorize jewellery
Adidas Originals 3-stripes Cropped SweaterI've only recently been converted to pleated skirts, having avoided them for way too long in fear of them being unflattering.  And so the perfect way of introducing pleats to my wardrobe seemed to be in the form of this bright gold beauty.  Had it been a block colour, I probably wouldn't have been interested, however the slightly tarnished gold-and-black appearance totally sold it to me. You'll recognise these heels from Styling A Statement Bag last month - still in love with their heel height, and never more so than when paired with fishnet socks.  Fierce combo and one I won't be getting tired of anytime soon!
Gold and black pleated midi skirt
Fashion blogger styling and dressing up athleisure I'm off to Brighton tomorrow for a couple of days (of course there'll be a travel diary coming soon!) and I'm bracing myself for snow and freezing my toes off.  But anyway, when I'm tucked up in the hotel room and/or thawing out in a café, I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on this look!  Are you still on board with athleisure, and do you also love dressing it up?!   

With love,

Gabrielle x