Harry Potter Scale Model Hogwarts CastleHave you ever admired somewhere without it actually dawning on you that you could visit there yourself?  That's been my situation with the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London; forever lusting after that famous scale model of Hogwarts Castle and yet never making the time to visit.  Anyway, after having watched all seven films in 48 hours in December with my brother, we decided to book tickets to immerse ourselves in all things Harry Potter by setting off for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London! Enter the Wizarding World...
Harry Potter Grand Hall at Studio Tour
Blog review Harry Potter Studio Tour Grand Hall
Warner Bros Studio Tour London Frames
Although I was looking forward to the studio tour, I seriously hadn't prepared myself for how amazing it would be!  More than anything, I loved the unanimous sense of enthusiasm and cocktail of languages heard at every turn.  After a brief film played out in a small cinema hinting at what was to come, as well as showing a few behind-the-scenes clips of life on set, the doors to the Grand Hall opened and started what became three and a half hours of pure magic (excuse the pun).
What to expect at the Harry Potter Studio Tour London
Magic Stirring Cauldrons at Harry Potter Studio Tour London
Green Tile Ministry of Magic Fireplaces Harry PotterHaving browsed various Harry Potter related hashtags on Instagram beforehand (as you do), I was really looking forward to checking out the steam-pumping Hogwarts Express, as well as pushing my way through Platform 9 3/4!  In hindsight, it looks as though I'm ditching the trolley through the wall and ready to make a run for it in the opposite direction, but surely that warrants another trip to the Studio for a second attempt at some point?!
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express at London Studio
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Platform 9 3/4
Room of Flying Letters at Harry Potter Studio Tour LondonBooking an evening slot was definitely the right decision, as it meant that when the tour momentarily moved outside, it was done so under the cover of darkness - very atmospheric!  I'll admit, with so many memories from the film dotted around, I got goosebumps at that point, and not only because I'd just finished a tasty Butter Beer Ice Cream.

From there, you're taken back indoors where you discover the illuminated row of shops (amazing!),  fascinating information on the animatronics used, a scale model of Hogwarts Castle and finally a huge display of wand boxes.  Interestingly, the wand boxes lined up in Ollivander's Wand Shop were each individually engraved and even more interestingly, were engraved with the names of everyone who worked on the film sets!  Who knew?!
Harry Potter Studio Tour London Knight Bus
The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour London
Harry Potter Studio Tour Wand Box Display
Scale Model of Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
Needless to say, I'm hugely pleased we ended up booking tickets after our Harry Potter film marathon! With so many things being praised, it's difficult to know whether some tours/exhibitions are worth the hype - trust me when I say this IS worth the hype.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour
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With love,

Gabrielle x