Brighton Harbour Hotel White BuildingHaving only ever made fleeting visits to the seaside town (and not for many years), last weekend I was very excited to hit the road and stay the night in a room with a sea view.  Even though there's plenty to do in Brighton on a short break, it really brought the goods when it came to relaxation.  By the end of my stay, I could physically feel my pace slowing and shoulders lowering.  Bliss. So, you've got 24 hours to play with - how do you spend your time in Brighton?
Brighton Seafront Shops and Benches
UK Brighton Beach in Winter
Hotel in Brighton With a View of the Sea
Weekend Break in Brighton Travel Blog Guide
Still 100% in love with this Ralph Lauren gingham peplum shirt.  SO cute.
In the late afternoon, I found myself checking into the Brighton Harbour Hotel, a bright and newly-renovated hotel overlooking a seafront promenade.  The building's white exterior stands out on the corner, revealing a beautifully fresh, colourful and entirely tasteful interior.  Speaking of which, I'm still not over the perfect clashing of patterns in the room; the zig-zag cushions, the headboard, the carpet!
Nautical Themed Hotel Room Seaside
Zara Metallic Slip On Loafers
UK Travel Blogger Brighton Hotel Review
White and Gold Modern Light Fitting
I'm so pleased to have chosen the Brighton Harbour Hotel for my visit to the seaside town.  I think I've mentioned before my attachment to business hotels thanks to the guarantee of what to expect, however once again I've been reminded of how great it is to choose something different and to not have any expectations.  I wasn't expecting such a fabulous view, or a borderline-nautical design to the room that totally matched its surroundings!
Brighton Harbour Hotel Superior Sea Front View Room
Old Fashioned Bottles of Gin and Sherry
Black and White Zara Gingham Blouse
Zara Frilled Gingham Top - love the ruffles!
Black and White Photography of Fishnet Tights
Fishnets on (and a few extra layers!), it was time to head out in search of dinner.  The hotel itself is home to multi award-winning restaurant The Jetty - extensive menu and panoramic views of the seafront both included.  Though, with very little appetite after having eaten our way through various share-sized bags of chocolate (I have no willpower when it comes to Minstrels), a light dinner elsewhere was on the cards.  Step back 100m from the seafront and you'll find there's plenty of choice  for light meals.
The White Company Hotel Toiletries
Morning Sunshine Coming Through Bathroom Blinds
Room Service Breakfast at Brighton Seafront HotelRise and shine!  I awoke the next morning to the sound of seagulls and not much else!  Like I said, total relaxation.  Beforehand, I'd read online complaints about noise from a nearby nightclub, however despite the hotel's reassurance about the windows currently being upgraded to double glazing, I didn't hear a thing all night!  So, I guess they've finished upgrading?  Either way, massive relief - and especially as I've occasionally been surviving on a few hours sleep each night lately.  Eek!
Brighton Harbour Hotel Superior Double Room
French L'Art de Rien White T-Shirt
Seagulls Flying Around Brighton Seafront
The next morning began with a run along the promenade while barely anyone was up and about, which was quickly followed by a tasty breakfast back in the room, having ordered it the night before.  Soft toast isn't my thing, but everything else was delicious. God that cranberry juice was good...

Brighton Harbour Hotel & Spa
64 King's Road

Psst!  If you're looking to stay at the hotel and are curious about the room shown here, I've shared my experience of a Superior Sea View Double Room.
Brighton British Airways i360 Blog Review
Brighton British Airways i360 Travel Blog Review
Besides the hotel, I was most looking forward to experiencing the British Airways i360; a 162-metre observation tower on the seafront that enables you to enjoy a panoramic view of Brighton.  Looking at these photos, you could easily believe it was summer and not a breezy day in February!  I can't believe how lucky we were with the weather - I'm convinced the experience was made all the more special by the sun illuminating everything in sight.  A small bar can be found within the vertical cable car, though you'll most likely be distracted by the views most of the time!View From Brighton British Airways i360 Experience
Brighton British Airways i360 Interior
Okay, so besides lounging around a seafront hotel, running along the promenade and eating your weight in seafood, what else can you do?  The most obvious answer is to check out Brighton Pier.  There's an unusual charm to the pier that I can't say I've experienced anywhere else before; it's not at all polished and yet it's endearing - especially on a sunny day!  Various benches line the wooden boards and even on a busy day, you're likely to be able to find a bench or deck chair to sit and enjoy your rock stick.
Brighton Pier on a Sunny Winter's Day
An afternoon could easily be spent wandering through The Lanes, a collection of narrow lanes in the seaside town, famous for their small shops.  Although if your stomach can't handle the deprivation, there are a ton of coffee shops around serving cake, cake and more cake.  Yum!  I happened to stumble across The Pavilion Tea Company, a small café adjoining The Royal Pavilion gift shop located next door.  The atmosphere is gentle and calm, ideal for tucking into a double chocolate muffin and complaining about the heeled boots you chose to wear (will I ever learn?).  Although The Pavilion has a tearoom all of its own, this is a brilliant low-key option for when you're short on time and looking for a quick, light snack.
Brighton The Pavilion Tea Company Review
Double Chocolate Muffin With Chocolate Shavings
Pavilion Tea Company Cafe in Brighton Blog Review
Of course no trip to Brighton is complete without a wander through The Royal Pavilion.  The rooms becoming increasingly (and intentionally) flamboyant as you progress through the former royal residence... though I'll leave my thoughts there there so not to spoil your trip!

Psst!  Photography isn't permitted within The Pavilion.
The Royal Pavilion in Brighton Travel Blog Review
For whatever reason, it feels as though there's absolutely no pressure in Brighton.  Perhaps it's the sea air?  Either way, I'm really glad to have spent some time there - it's refreshing!  I'd love to hear whether you've visited Brighton before, and if so, did you enjoy your time at this bright and breezy seaside town?

With love,

Gabrielle x