Granville Port in Normandy, FranceAs I mentioned earlier this month in my Mont Saint-Michel travel diary, I'd also made the most of my time in Normandy by checking out some other areas.  Keeping in mind I was only in France for a few nights, most of the time was spent exploring local cafés on foot.  Although, I did take along my camera to Granville, a seaside resort of Mont Saint-Michel Bay at the end of the Côte de Havres and with a population of under 15,000.  The weather was on its absolute best behaviour, meaning clear blue skies and a beautiful warm, springtime temperature...
Granville Seaside Resort, Normandy
UK Travel Blogger review of Granville Normandy France
Where to Visit on Normandy CoastlineThis is probably the shortest travel diary I've ever put together, but views like these made it too easy to live in the moment and forget about shooting!  There's so much to look at, take in and appreciate.  Okay, so although beaches kind of feel like second nature when the warmer months arrive, what about ports?  I genuinely feel as though they're massively overlooked; there's something so special about the simple sight of small boats bobbing around in an enclosed harbour.
Granville Coastline on a beautiful sunny day
If you think you recognise the name of this commune - and happen to have a soft spot for the history of fashion - it's because this location is home to Musée Christian Dior (his former home).  You know, the pretty pink and totally picturesque house and garden you've seen on Instagram?  Sadly I ran out of time, though I absolutely plan on heading back to Granville sometime to have a first-hand peek inside the popular site!  There's actually quite a few museums in the area, along with gift shops and places to eat (particularly sweet treats).

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I once knew someone who had spent a week touring various Normandy beaches, which sounds like one hell of an experience!  Can you imagine how beautiful that coastal road trip would be during summer?!  His goal was to see all five D-Day beach sectors along the fifty-mile stretch of Normandy coast: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.  I'd imagine the tour could be pretty harrowing and thought-provoking at times, but then again, you can never fully appreciate the present without occasionally delving into history! Afterwards (depending on the direction you're travelling in) you could always travel down and across the map to seek calm at Granville, before moving on to stay at Mont Saint-Michel.
Granville, Normandy, Port TownI have to admit, I'm really missing these sea views; but for now I'll just be grateful for the lovely weather we're experiencing on-and-off here in the UK!  Have you ever visited Normandy before?  And if so, did you ever pass through Granville?

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