Kurt Geiger Blog Collaboration 2017I can't remember when I first wore a peplum, but whenever it was, it was a great decision.  And now, my love for the style has reached a new high, resulting in double-peplum styling.  Is that enough?  Probably not.  But before I consider options to bring in a third peplum (oops), I've been looking at ways of styling one of my old favourites.  This white shirt was skating on thin ice, close to being throw out of my wardrobe - until a faux leather peplum crop caught my eye.  Combine the double-peplum with a love for athleisure, and a rather gorgeous new tote by Kurt Geiger, and you've got a look that moves comfortably from day to night...
Womens Edgy White Shirt Styling
Kurt Geiger Violet Horizontal Black Tote
Astley Clarke Four Leaf Clover Biography Pin

Shirt - Ralph Lauren  |  Top - Zara Faux Leather Strappy Top  |  Leggings - Kyodan

Pin - Astley Clarke Four Leaf Clover  |  Scarf - Jaeger

Kurt Geiger Black Leather Tote
Monochrome and Minimal Athleisure Styling
Nude and Black Minimal Nail Art
UK Fashion and Personal Style BloggerI love combining the ordinary with the slightly unexpected.  In this case, a plain white shirt with a peplum and layered with another faux leather peplum, sports leggings featuring mesh lattice detailing, and a nude manicure broken up with black dots.  But the true 'hero piece' of this look has to be the Violet Horizontal Tote by Kurt Geiger.  The soft leather comprises light pebbling and oversized design, and the relaxed style is so appealing - I can't be the only one who feels as though they have one million and one things to carry?!  I can see the tote becoming a favourite of mine when travelling thanks to its generous size, though for now I'm marvelling at how easily it can be taken from day-to-night on a more regular basis.  Along with carrying everything ready for the evening - from a change of shoes and mongolian fur scarf to extra jewellery and perfume -  it looks ridiculously stylish.  Seriously, can we talk about this perfect raw-cut leather?!
Kurt Geiger Violet Horizontal Tote Blog Collaboration
Jaeger Black Mongolian Fur Scarf
Hold up your hand if you love pins!  Funnily enough, I wasn't a huge fan of pins until this year.  Recently, I did a massive 180 and fell in love with the beauties after discovering the Biography Pin range at Astley Clarke.  At first glance, a teeny-tiny Four Leaf Clover stole my heart, although after seeing the brand's images of entire pockets covered with pins, I doubt my obsession will end here. Anyway, to avoid being the only tiny-gold-pin-fanatic I know, I've listed a few other gorgeous Astley Clarke designs below for you to check out!

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UK Minimal Fashion and Style Blogger
This tote has actually solved a dilemma for me, as I planned to get through a (huge) backlog of magazines while travelling to France next week, and had no idea how I was going to transport them - problem solved!  Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit - do you prefer the look by day, or the subtle changes that take it to night?

With love,

Gabrielle x