Regardless of how you spend your time and the role(s) you fill, at some point or another meetings will crop up.  And nine times out of ten, they're the kind that leave you wondering how smart is too smart, and how casual is too casual.  Cue the concept of a casual yet powerful outfit, and one that still enables you to express your femininity.
I'm a huge fan of cute jackets that have the ability to totally transform an outfit; and never more so than when it comes to putting together smart outfits for super seeeerious occasions.  Or y'know, just average meetings.  I picked up this Topshop beauty earlier in the month and I'm still not over it.  The neckline, colour and raw cut see to 'powerful' and the cropped design and ruffles lend themselves to 'femininity'.  This blue version sold out really quickly, but I've linked the other five colours available below - so tempted by the gingham version!

I think we've established by now my obsession with both sky-high heels and statement bags, but a recent introduction to Swedish brand Sudio has now added another item to the ticklist - headphones!  The black and rose gold earphones I'm wearing in this post are the Vasa Bla; wireless earphones with studio quality sound and style for days.  By pairing them up with your phone, you can take calls with the built-in microphone, control your phone with the remote, and listen to music to pump yourself up on your way to the meeting.  The best part?  Once you've finished using them, you can use the rose gold clip to secure them around your neck - perfect!

Psst!  Use the code aglassofice15 for 15% off on their website.

As Spring steps onto the scene, I tend to unintentionally look to jewellery in warmer tones, often swapping silver for gold and rose gold.  The starfish charm on this ChloBo bracelet has set my mind on summer and I adore how dainty the design is; perfect for adding a pretty yet entirely subtle touch to this smart outfit.  The starfish charm symbolises friendship and happiness, which is just as well as you'll no doubt be seeing much more of this pretty piece on my blog over the coming months!

Bag - Valentino  |  Heels - Lost Ink

Earphones - Sudio Vasa Bla Earphones c/o  

I hope the styling in this post has been of some help; I'd love to hear your thoughts on powerful-but-feminine styling for meetings? On a different note, hope everyone has a lovely weekend - and Happy Mother's Day to the gorgeous mums reading this!

With love,

Gabrielle x