Mont Saint Michel Travel Blogger ReviewThere are some places I've liked visiting , and some I've loved visiting - the difference being whether or not the location leaves a lasting impression.  Sure, while in Normandy last week I'd travelled to Mont Saint-Michel expecting to enjoy my time there, though I absolutely wasn't expecting to still be thinking about the island one week later.  It's safe to say it's now one of my favourite French destinations!  So, what makes Mont Saint-Michel so special?  And how does it manage to make such an impact on an overcast day during mid-season?
Mont Saint Michel in Mid Season During Spring
Ham egg mushroom and cheese savoury crepe
Stairs to French Creperie at Mont Saint Michel
From what I've heard, Mont Saint-Michel attracts serious crowds come the summertime.  Thankfully, I found myself exploring mid-season (March/April); a time that sees you escape being trampled into the cobbles, while still keeping you surrounded by the occasional group tour, family and loved-up couple.  Besides the spectacular views, the most breathtaking element of my time there was probably the silence.  Although it's only the Abbey that requests whispers, the entire island seems to adopt a sense of calm - and tourists follow suit.  It's strangely beautiful, and something you need to experience for yourself.

Anyway, after catching the 'Passeur' shuttle bus from the parking area, crêpes were on the agenda.  A five minute search revealed La Sirene, a charmingly rustic crêperie located above a gift shop and up a stone spiral staircase.  The food was delicious, which goes a long way in explaining why there was never an empty table in the small room.  Highlights?  Great atmosphere, crêpes being made on site and an extensive menu.  Mmm...

Crêperie La Sirene,
Grand Rue
50170 Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint Michel Signs in Mid Season
UK travel blogger in France Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel Travel Itinerary
Trust me when I say you need to wear flat shoes when visiting the island.  Really.  Don't even play with the idea of wearing anything other than trainers.  The journey to the top is steep at times, but the views provide the perfect reason to stop and soak up your surroundings every now and again.  People walking along the bridge from the mainland become tiny dots in the distance, and after just an hour or two on the island, you'll have quickly forgotten most things that were bothering you and/or what country you come from.  I guess that's the sign of loving a place?
Abbey Architecture at Mont Saint Michel
Abbey Interior at Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel Abbey
Mont Saint Michel Travel Blog in Winter Spring
The 'anchor' to a visit to Mont Saint-Michel would best be described as the Abbey; a medieval architectural structure that (along with the entire island) has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979.  The Abbey can be explored either with or without an electronic tour guide.  Funnily enough, despite the rates online, I was given free entrance (high five) due to being under the age of 25 - but I've no idea whether that will stay in place during high season.  The views from the Abbey are incredible, with some of the best spots being towards the end of a roaming visit, surrounded by plants around the side of the island.
Views Photography from Mont Saint Michel
Architecture buildings and views Mont Saint Michel
Seagull travel photography If seagulls are your thing, Mont Saint-Michel is your place.  They're everywhere.  Truth be told, I think they have an adorable arrogance about them.  One literally stole half a cornish pasty from my hands last summer, and I've been in awe ever since.

Dungarees - Donna Ida x Jaeger

Shirt - Zara

UK travel blogger in Normany France Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel travel blog reviewAs I said, a week has passed since my visit and I still catch myself thinking about the island every now and again; I can't think of a single negative to draw from the place!  Though, Mont Saint-Michel wasn't the only adventure on the agenda last week.  While in Normandy for a few days, alongside more relaxing moments spent lounging around the hotel and eating at small local cafés, I also checked out Granville - a seaside resort that takes on a whole new look when the sun shines.  I'll be sharing a travel diary soon!

With love,

Gabrielle x