Fashion blog dressing up a cardigan coatSnow?!  Yeah, I shot this look a few weeks ago and realised I should probably share it now, considering how quickly the seasons are changing over!  It seemed to start shifting almost immediately as the month of March kicked in, and I'm hugely grateful because I think the constant dreary weather wasn't doing my mood any favours.  Anyway, while in a kind of 'go big or go home' mood, instead of dressing down an outfit to allow one statement piece to stand out, I tried mixing them together - a celebration of loud pieces, I guess!  Speaking of which, I've developed a whole new love for cardigan coats (totally the unsung hero of our wardrobes), and never more so than when they contribute to a bold look without taking any of the 'magic' away.
Aldo embellished black box bag

Snowflakes on clothing in winter

Cardigan Coat - Zara

Jumper - Thomas Pink

Skirt - Zara Pleated Midi Skirt

Boots - Lost Ink  |  Clutch - Aldo Valbiano Bag

Fashion blog styling a long navy cardigan coat
Layering a metallic gold midi skirt fashion styling
The red piping is one seriously gorgeous addition to this cardigan coat, and has 100% got me thinking about the other options out there.  So, sure Spring has pretty much sprung, but for the next few weeks when we're still waking up uncertain of whether we need umbrellas, sunglasses or snow boots... cardigan coats are a pretty good option!

Have a great week ahead!

With love,

Gabrielle x