Rothschild Waddesdon Manor BuckinghamshireIt's been a week since I set off for Waddesdon ready to spend some time in the area, and I've finally got around to leafing through the photos!  The village is set within the Aylesbury Vale district in Buckinghamshire, the ideal setting for a brief and tranquil escape.  The main attraction is Waddesdon Manor, a country house originally built for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in the 1870s to 'display his collections and entertain the fashionable world'.  We all know I love historic houses and have now visited far too many to count, but even so, I can say with certainty Waddesdon Manor is hands down the most impressive of the bunch.  It takes your breath away.  So, you've travelled miles and miles to see the manor - where to stay?
Grey Antler Suitcase and Valentino Handbag The Five Arrows Hotel near Waddesdon ManorChic Dressing Table in Hotel Suite
Luxurious illuminated mirror in hotel bathroom
The Five Arrows Hotel is located just a few minutes away from Waddesdon Manor, in fact it takes pride of place beside the entrance gates.  Perfect!  There's plenty of parking and better yet, we found ourselves upgraded to a junior suite upon checking in. I've usually got a bit of a (totally unfounded) complex about sleeping on the ground floor, but the suite quickly won me over; neutral furnishings, beautiful bathroom and enormous bed included.  If you follow along my Insta-Stories, you'll have seen the delicious dinner enjoyed in the 2 AA Rosette restaurant - and uh, the occasional selfie!

The Five Arrows Hotel
HP18 0JE
The Five Arrows Hotel in Waddesdon
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Blue Satin Night Robe In Hotel
Room Service Hotel Breakfast Tray
Rise and shine!  It may not have been particularly warm, but it wasn't raining and I think the British weather deserves a pat on the back for that, right?  Once you've arrived at the car park within Waddesdon Manor, a bus shuttles visitors to and from various points.  The Neo-Renaissance style of a French château is even more incredible to see in person, which explains why tourists from all over the world make the effort to visit.  I'll admit, I genuinely forgot I was in England for a moment there! Before exploring the manor itself, be sure to save time to explore the gardens.  The grounds feature a handful of sites such as a summerhouse, renovated stable (more on that later!) and Aviary.

Psst!  Check out What's On this year at Waddesdon Manor.  You could be meeting the Aviary Keeper, trying a watercolour course or even enjoying a comedic play and open air cinema!
Waddesdon Manor in Spring With Flowers
Waddesdon Manor Travel Blog
Luxurious and Feminine Pink Dinner Setting
Things to do in Waddesdon
The Blue Dining Room at Waddesdon ManorThe manor is at times totally breathtaking.  One of my favourite rooms was The Blue Dining Room, thanks to the chandelier commissioned for the room in 2003.  It was designed by Ingo Maurer and titled 'Porca Miseria', which roughly translates to 'Oh my Goodness' in Italian.  Another favourite was the drop dead gorgeous pink dining room - I don't think I've ever seen such a flamboyant and feminine space in my life!
Lattice Greenery Climbing Up Manor Building
Waddesdon Manor Grand Back Doors
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Just trying to fit my surroundings...
Gold and Black Railing Waddesdon Manor Gardens
As much as I loved the idea of a picnic in the grounds, that would definitely have to wait for warmer months.  Instead, a trip to the new Treaterie was on the cards.  Located in renovated stables within the grounds, the new café serves crêpes, waffles, ice cream and macarons.  It's pretty much heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth - myself included!  After eating what was most likely the BEST nutella and banana crêpe of my life, I picked up a trio of macarons to take back with me.  Yum!  Oh but if you're on a diet or just don't fancy anything sweet, there's another café towards the back of the stables that serves other, more traditional meal options.
Treaterie Macarons at Waddesdon Manor
The Treaterie Stables at Waddesdon Manor
The Green and Gold Aviary at Waddesdon Manor
Travel Blog Guide to 24 Hours in WaddesdonI reckon 24 hours is long enough to spend in the area; enough time to make the most of your accommodation, sample some tasty food and explore Waddesdon Manor.  If you plan on taking a longer trip, you could add a couple of other points to your itinerary such as visiting a local market, or shopping at Bicester Village.  Anyway, let me know if you've visited this area before, as well as your thoughts on The Five Arrows Hotel, or Waddesdon Manor!

With love,

Gabrielle x