Nest UK Stationery Design Blog CollaborationBuy those notebooks, decorate your planner, write that story - it's National Stationery Week!  For all the stationery enthusiasts (waves furiously), this week is an exciting one and not just because social feeds are packed full with gold rulers and fountain pens for the next seven days.  Personally, my appreciation of stationery is mainly aesthetic; by this I mean there's no stopping me when it comes to feather-embellished ballpoints and marble-printed books.  However the true beauty is seen in how well they function. And it seems contemporary design store are of the same stationery-loving mindset, having sent over some dreamy pieces featuring brands such as Hay and Tom Dixon (scroll down for more details!).  To celebrate National Stationery Week, I've shared a handful of reasons as to why you should consider writing a book.  I've written a few books now in my spare time, along with dozens of short stories.  Will they ever be read by others?  Possibly not.  But have I enjoyed writing them?  Hell yeah!
Minimal Black Clear Sand Timer

H&M Home Gold ME Mug

1: Escapism - If you struggle to compartmentalize and have a tendency to overthink, writing a book is a brilliant way of diving headfirst into an alternate reality


2: Time Management - Finding time to actually write the book will be the biggest challenge, but can do wonders for your time management skills (cue mass-purchase of planners, highlighters and sticky notes!)


3: The Mundane Becomes Interesting - Everything can relate back to your book.  Even bad experiences can be shrugged off as creating 'good fodder' for your work


4: Learn - Regardless of your topic, a fair amount of research will need to be done eg. historic accuracy, fact-checks, spelling etc.  Hello, new vocabulary! 


5: It Can Be Reassuring - From the moment you finish writing a book, more long-term goals seem achievable.  I mean, if you can consistently sit down over months/years and commit to the mammoth task of writing a book, what else could you do?!

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National Stationery Week Blog 2017
Many of the gorgeous pieces c/o shown in this post can be found over on their website, with a couple of my favourites including the minimal black-sand hourglass and gold bullet pen, both by Hay.  I've actually spent the past year or so searching for a gold pen, and so this wins all of the stationery awards for me!  Both rulers are stocked at the modern design store, though as lovely as the wooden version is, The Golden Rule by Tom Dixon steals my heart - is it possible to fall in love with a ruler?  The pale grey notebook is by Vitra at and features the geometric design 'Facets' by Alexander Girard in softcover form; ideal for tucking into your bag and using for note-taking on the go.

Moving on to desk accessories, can you tell I'm feeling aqua shades this Spring?  The pastel suitcases are by Sass & Belle and can be seen in more detail in this picnic scene, and the mint tray is from the Kaleido series of trays by Hay.  Finally, the most surprising desk-embellishment that has become a fave of mine is the grey polystone flowerpot with matching saucer.  Created for indoor use only, it simultaneously adds an edge to indoor plants (eg. cacti and succulents) while avoiding clashing with any design scheme in place.  Win-win!
Reasons to start writing a book this yearHave you ever written (or have considered writing) a book before?  I'm in a stationery-bubble right now, so share your thoughts about National Stationery Week in the comments below!

Psst! World Stationery Day falls on Wednesday 26th April, this week.

With love,

Gabrielle x