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Friday, 14 April 2017

The citizenM Tower of London Hotel & St. Katharine Docks

citizenM Tower of London Travel Blog ReviewHappy Easter Weekend!  If you follow along with my Insta-Stories, you'll know that earlier this week I was invited to stay the night at the citizenM Tower of London Hotel.  Having heard good things about the fabulous views from the place, I was really looking forward to checking out the contemporary hotel.  My first impression?  Considering the hotel only opened its doors last summer, it does a brilliant job at making you feel right at home...
citizenM interior hotel rooms
citizenM Tower of London interior design and decor
Chocolate and Ginger Easter Themed Cupcakes
Ohhhh that chocolate cupcake was GOOD
Since staying the night, I've been left 100% wishing all hotels had self-service check in/out kiosks; the process took about a minute or two and didn't involve listing a ton of details over a desk.  Perfect!  There are always a couple of members of staff around to help you out anyway, should you not be tech-savvy.  Speaking of which, the staff are so friendly and cheerful - a pretty nice way to be greeted, that's for sure.
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Rooftop Library Bar
citizenM Tower of London rooftop bar drinks
citizenM Hotel Travel Blogger Stay Collaboration
Nest of white marble tables
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Blogger ReviewKnowing about the rooftop bar, I headed there soon after checking-in.  What I had anticipated was impressive city views, what I hadn't anticipated was the mass of inspiring artwork.  The entire citizenM Tower of London Hotel is decked out with bright and unusual artwork at every turn - some of which I've shown in this post, though I've kept it to a minimum to avoid too many spoilers! Also, above the bar, there are a few library areas packed full with books in various languages and tons of seating.  My advice? Take yourself up there (with a drink) for an hour or so to enjoy that book you keep forgetting to finish.  Standing up and twirling hair, optional.
Artwork in rooftop bar at citizenM Tower of London Hotel
Best Hotel Rooftop Bars in London
Kissing Queen's Guard Full-size artwork London
But can I take him home with me?
Somehow, I've never managed to check out St. Katharine Docks before, and so considering the area is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel (wrapping around Tower of London), it seemed like the ideal opportunity.  The weather was on its best behaviour and created the perfect moment of eating dinner in the sunshine, overlooking yachts bobbing in the docks.  Life isn't all about the gram, but St. Katharine Docks is a good place to start, right?
London Underground Sign in Summer
Tower of London historical site
St. Katharine Docks Travel Blog Photography
Best hotel near St Katharine Docks
Boats at St Katharine Docks Summer
After dinner, it was straight back to the hotel to make the most of people-watching from the hotel room.  When checking-in, you can select which room's view you'd prefer, at which point I opted for a room with a view of the Tower of London.  It provides a clean view of the historic site, as well as the entrance to the tube station.  And believe me when I say this makes for fascinating viewing!  One of my favourite elements of the stay was the iPad-controlled mood lighting in the room; you can very easily change the ambience and create a cosy, and yet still modern, environment.  Everything in the room is controlled by the iPad, including temperature, blinds/curtains and more.

Psst!  To my readers who aren't so keen on people-watching, don't worry, the windows/walls are very well sound-proofed.  It's like living in a bubble.
Tower Bridge Historic Site London
Gold Mesh Metal Minimal Lighting
Historic Tower of London Lit Up at Night The morning felt beautifully calm and with free Wi-Fi and movies (I know, amazing!), it's easy to whittle away a few hours without even leaving the hotel room.  Which is exactly what I did, meaning I had to chuck some clothes on for breakfast in about five minutes.  Oops!
Lace robe - ASOS Mesh Lace Maxi
citizenM Tower of London Travel Blog Review
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Bathroom Basin
Long Black Sheer Lace Gown
Long hair and black lace robeBreakfast is served in a canteen area on the ground floor.  My choice?  Croissants with raspberry jam.  I took the opportunity to roam around the ground floor and spotted quite a few areas I could see myself comfortably sitting down with my mac and getting stuff done.  Speaking of which, you can expect plenty of business travellers at the citizenM Tower of London hotel, mixed with tourists and the occasional couple here and there.
citizenM Tower of London hotel interior design
Cylinders of water with mint leaves
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Decor Review
I absolutely loved my time at the citizenM Tower of London, and I suspect that has something to do with how the hotel combines some of my favourite aspects when travelling - unusual interior design, amazing views and a streamlined experience.  Let me know in the comments below what you think of this hotel!  

citizenM Tower of London Hotel
40 Trinity Square

With love,

Gabrielle x

Note: I was invited as a guest of citizenM Hotels, however all opinions are my own.



  1. Wow! Spettacolare!
    Un soggiorno tra modernità e passato.

  2. Oh very amazing photographs darling
    thanks for share with us

  3. That hotel looks so good! Love the library and elegant feeling and the location is just perfect?! Love St.Katherine's Dock. Have a lovely weekend babe! Xx

  4. incredible pictures, i can't believe the views and what's on offer at the hotel. london is such a wonderful city and this hotel seems to really do it justice for visitors x

  5. How fun! What a superb location? Such a new hotel, I had no idea London was so heavily under construction? Looks like a nice place to study and do work :)

    kellmenow |
    Instagram |

  6. I flipping love staying at CitizenM, they have one in Glasgow and I am obsessed, I would love to go to this one! I love all the details,

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Aww this hotel looks amazing and I love the sound of the rooftop bar :) Also you can't go wrong with self-service check in! x

  8. I absolutely love the view that you had of the Tower from your hotel room!! The hotel looks absolutely gorgeous and is in such a great location!

  9. Love the view! And those balloon animals! You look gorgeous as always gabrielle. Looks like a lot of fun!

  10. The view from this hotel is beautiful! It's really well located too, I really like that area of London (surprisingly, for me who usually prefers less urban backgrounds.) The self-service check-in is indeed a great idea, makes it so much quicker! Plus choosing your view is a great advantage. I love people-watching too!

    Julia x
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  11. I keep trying to come up with something I would miss when staying there, but nothing comes to mind. Location, design, staff... Sounds like a dream.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  12. What a lovely place! Happy Easter Gabrielle :D

  13. What a gorgeous hotel, love all the furniture and the details ♥

  14. I have stayed at two Citizen M hotels and I loved it!


  15. This looks like such a dreamy hotel - that view! Love how slick everything is as well. I've actually never been to St Katherine's Docks either but I've seen so many people post pictures and it looks gorgeous!
    Amy xx

  16. I love all the British features with the Beefeater and statues, such an amazing view of The Tower of London too. I have never stayed in a Citizen M Hotel but may check them out as looking for a hotel for the UK Blog Awards this Friday.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jaz xoxo

  17. I love this post Gabrielle! My in-laws were staying at the hotel next door just before Christmas so we popped in for a drink but I had no idea they had a rooftop bar!! We had a drink in their bar on the ground floor but I was totally enamoured with their artwork. Citizen M looks like such a fun hotel to stay at and those views - LOVE!!

  18. Such a luscious yet cozy place! You always look super beautiful Gabrielle! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  19. Sweet hotel! I would have loved people watching as well and that library looks interesting and so cool to have in a hotel.

  20. Wow the hotel looks so amazing!! Looks so nice and cosy x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  21. I always try to look for quirky or unusual design when looking for places to stay during a holiday. It just makes the experience more special! Oh and a good croissant is always a good idea for breakfast!

  22. my dear this hotel fabulous, stunning pics
    fashion trend fishnet
    🐣 Happy Easter 🐰

  23. Lucky you girl!! This looks like a fab hotel to stay in. Great and lovely shots. Wow!

  24. Beautiful photos! The hotel looks amazing! I love the decor! I hope you're having a great Easter weekend :) xx

  25. WOWOWOW!!! Your pics are everything! U look soo gorgeous tooooo! The hotel pics are outta this world stunning! Happy EASTER weekend!
    xoBeckerman Girls

  26. What a gorgeous hotel! It looks like the perfect base for adventures in London though one could probably get up to some lovely adventures on the hotel itself just based on your stay there! Happy Easter Gabrielle!

  27. What a cool looking place and such a great location, I love St Katherine's docks!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  28. Oh wow the view you picked is stunning! I've never seen the tower of London before (I've not been to london too many times) and it's always been somewhere I've wanted to see, I love the idea that the lighting is controlled by an ipad too, how exciting! I'd love playing around with that.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  29. I love that you can do plenty of people watching :) I really like modern interiors in hotels too x


  30. What a gorgeous hotel. Love tha fact that everything in the room was iPad-controlled. Those cupcakes look yummy, by the way.

    Nina's Style Blog

  31. How fun ! Great location ! Love these pictures !
    Have a fabulous day !

  32. Wow Invited to stay in this gorgeous hotel! Fabulous experience and in the heart of London. The photos are fantastic sweetie!
    Have a great week xxx

  33. It sounds like a beautiful place and I love the decoration! I really want to go back to London now!

  34. Self-service check-in and out kiosks are genius! Who wants to deal with that awkward exchange at the front desk, I know I don’t. The rooftop bar is impressive, crazy impressive. It looks modern, inviting and cozy. I have to visit the CitizenM Tower of London, it looks to good to be true.

  35. Wow, that hotel looks amazing. It's probably one of the coolest hotels I have ever seen.

  36. Everything in this post is beautiful!

  37. It looks like you had such a dreamy stay there. The view is amazing! It's so nice to stay somewhere that feels like home yet still has all of the nice amenities and features. Love it!

    Kathryn •

  38. Looks like an amazing place to stay! Happy Easter Gabrielle x

    Gemma x

  39. The hotel as such an amazing design! I love it!

    With love,

  40. Wooow, this is amazing!!! I wish I didn't cancel my trip to London last month, I was going to book a similar hotel, but wow, it looks amazing! Also, lovely pictures! They make me feel like it would be an amazing place to stay ;)

  41. Wow, what an amazing place!Happy Easter Gabrielle x x x

  42. Whoa, this hotel has some seriously lust-worthy views of London! How exciting they invited you to stay there. Glad you had a great time! With views like that, I'd definitely people watch all day long haha.


  43. This looks like such an incredible hotel to stay at! I love the way they decorated it, and of course a rooftop bar is always a good time. How has no one thought of self service check in before?! That's the best idea ever because everyone uses it at airports and they have it in a lot of supermarkets in Australia and I always use it because it's so much quicker. It makes sense that they have it in hotels because a lot of time all you need is to get your key and you're ready to go.

  44. Sounds like an amazing experience, Gabrielle! The hotel looks modern and the location , ideal. Plus it's always nice to know that the staff is kind and lovely. Loved how convenient their check-in service sounds, and of course, my favorite part: that gorgeous view from the rooftop and your room.

  45. Is it just me, or have you not done a hotel post in awhile? I've missed them. This one looks like a gorgeous place to stay, and what a view! The area seems like a perfect mix of old and modern.

    Amber -

  46. I've only done airbnb in London but I MUST bookmark this when I visit London in the future; I love the bookshelf section and can just sit there all day (and take a bunch of Instagram worthy photos!)

    Macarons and Mischief

  47. The view alone would make this hotel worth a visit...What a stunning view it is! Perfect for people watching! The interior is rather gorgeous and it does have that homey and cozy chic appeal doesn't it? However, the books and the art displayed that were what really got me! I can read in quite a few languages, so the aspect of being able to sit down for an hour or two and flip through pages of books written in various languages really appeals to me.

    Lovely always look dreamy.

  48. Wonderful post.I fell in love with your photos ❤

  49. Ooh we've been here for coffee! We wanted to see the rooftop bar but it's rightly kept just for those staying at the hotel. Love the funky decor there and your review really does it justice - great shot of you and the beefeater!

  50. Great post!


  51. Yes, I saw this beautiful hotel on your Insta-story! It looks extra good - cupcake included. I am in love with that lace robe of yours - gorgeous as always xx

  52. That place sounds cool and I like the decor :D

    Alyssa // STYLE VANITY ❤️

  53. The people watching must have been fantastic in that area – the mash up of tourists and commuters always makes good drama ;)

  54. Wow this place is beyond gorgeous, looks like you had an amazing time hun! :) xx

  55. Wow, it looks like a beautiful hotel! It's great they have so many cool pieces of art, adn that they have used technology so much! :)

    Hope you are having a great week and had a nice Easter.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  56. This hotel looks great and the location seems brilliant as well, this post actually reminds me that I haven't stayed in a hotel in what seems like forever!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  57. Wow, it really seems like a lovely hotel! I love their decor. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and so fun and I also love that they have a book range in many languages, so there's something for everyone. I also must add that I'd love to stay at a hotel that has self check-in/out, I'm sure it was so quick and easy! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



  58. I bloody LOVE the Citizen M hotel - so, so dreamy and such a great location too (my train from Essex comes into Fenchurch Street so it's so convenient!). I'm also a huge fan of St. Katherines docks, I've only had dinner there once but it was so lovely! Great post lady, hope you had the BEST Easter weekend!

    Hayley xo

  59. This hotel looks amazing! I love all the modern decor, and the view from your room is stunning!

  60. Such a stunning hotel!! Absolutely dreamy and transport me to someplace far, far away... I love your travel posts!

    xx, Amy

  61. This is possibly my favourite Citizen M hotel in the world. Such a decent building and quite a convenient location, too!

  62. This hotel looks amazing! I love quirky, boutique type accomodation. They always feel more homely. You got some amazing photos! Hope you had a lovely Easter!


  63. This looks like a lovely place. I like the idea of an easy checkout that doesn't have to be at a traditional desk. This makes for a much easier transition in and out. Your photos are lovely. I think the docks look quite appealing. It is always nice to explore places you have never been even if they are very close to you :)

  64. As if this hotel hasn't even been open for a year- the decor is so funky and I love the fact that it has a library! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous hun, so amazing that you had those views of The Tower Of London

    Rachel xx

  65. What an entertaining and inspiring recount of your experiences at the Citizen M Tower of London hotel. The check in / out kiosks and iPad-controlled lighting as well as the artwork and decor seem like wonderful modern details. :)

  66. Amazing place & you look incredible x

  67. Oh Wow! What a stunning, clever hotel! Shall definitly be checking this out! As always your photos are amazing.
    Kate x

  68. Wow this place is amazing, love the decor and interior design and yes, it makes you feel like you are home. And the small details always make the difference!! xx


  69. Absolutelly amazing place. OMG!!!

    NEW OUTFIT POST | And That's How It All Started Again…
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  70. I love the modern and fresh interiors and exteriors of the hotel. I love the glass concept. And yes, they have the most amazing view! Thanks for sharing! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  71. The hotel looks stunning and super stylish!!! Plus the views are awesome!!!


    Seize your Style

  72. Those floor to ceiling shelves looks so good! They remind me of castle libraries. :)

  73. I hope that you had a Happy Easter weekend. DOn't you just love how times have change? I mean, iPad controlled lighting just sings our era and generation! :) This is an absolutely charming hotel, even better that you were able to just enjoy your time in London, not to mention my favourite, crossants and raspberries! <3

  74. Wow, this place look so cool, I wish all the hotels would look so fancy as this one :)

  75. Looks like you had a brilliant stay and I do love rooftop bars! For some reason I do find rooftop bars to be slightly pricier than normal bars but hey, the view is usually worth it.

  76. What a quirky looking hotel, I like the modern day decor and quirky touches such as the dog bookends, how cute!

    Chocolate cupcakes, well that's a winner just there isn't it, it's those little touches we remember when reviewing hotels!

    Love your black lace robe from Asos, really very feminine and suits you, and you look quite at home in your hotel room there!

    Great photographs and like the shot of London with the red bus going past.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Laura xo

  77. Haha this is a real funny thing because I've just come back this morning from my stay at CitizenM Paris Charles de Gaule so I totally agree about the great design of the hotel :)
    Great picture as always !!

    Kenza from

  78. It has a great modern & sleek design. Love those cupcakes.

  79. Great place and photos! The hotel looks amazing :)



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