citizenM Tower of London Travel Blog ReviewHappy Easter Weekend!  If you follow along with my Insta-Stories, you'll know that earlier this week I was invited to stay the night at the citizenM Tower of London Hotel.  Having heard good things about the fabulous views from the place, I was really looking forward to checking out the contemporary hotel.  My first impression?  Considering the hotel only opened its doors last summer, it does a brilliant job at making you feel right at home...
citizenM interior hotel rooms
citizenM Tower of London interior design and decor
Chocolate and Ginger Easter Themed Cupcakes
Ohhhh that chocolate cupcake was GOOD
Since staying the night, I've been left 100% wishing all hotels had self-service check in/out kiosks; the process took about a minute or two and didn't involve listing a ton of details over a desk.  Perfect!  There are always a couple of members of staff around to help you out anyway, should you not be tech-savvy.  Speaking of which, the staff are so friendly and cheerful - a pretty nice way to be greeted, that's for sure.
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Rooftop Library Bar
citizenM Tower of London rooftop bar drinks
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Nest of white marble tables
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Blogger ReviewKnowing about the rooftop bar, I headed there soon after checking-in.  What I had anticipated was impressive city views, what I hadn't anticipated was the mass of inspiring artwork.  The entire citizenM Tower of London Hotel is decked out with bright and unusual artwork at every turn - some of which I've shown in this post, though I've kept it to a minimum to avoid too many spoilers! Also, above the bar, there are a few library areas packed full with books in various languages and tons of seating.  My advice? Take yourself up there (with a drink) for an hour or so to enjoy that book you keep forgetting to finish.  Standing up and twirling hair, optional.
Artwork in rooftop bar at citizenM Tower of London Hotel
Best Hotel Rooftop Bars in London
Kissing Queen's Guard Full-size artwork London
But can I take him home with me?
Somehow, I've never managed to check out St. Katharine Docks before, and so considering the area is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel (wrapping around Tower of London), it seemed like the ideal opportunity.  The weather was on its best behaviour and created the perfect moment of eating dinner in the sunshine, overlooking yachts bobbing in the docks.  Life isn't all about the gram, but St. Katharine Docks is a good place to start, right?
London Underground Sign in Summer
Tower of London historical site
St. Katharine Docks Travel Blog Photography
Best hotel near St Katharine Docks
Boats at St Katharine Docks Summer
After dinner, it was straight back to the hotel to make the most of people-watching from the hotel room.  When checking-in, you can select which room's view you'd prefer, at which point I opted for a room with a view of the Tower of London.  It provides a clean view of the historic site, as well as the entrance to the tube station.  And believe me when I say this makes for fascinating viewing!  One of my favourite elements of the stay was the iPad-controlled mood lighting in the room; you can very easily change the ambience and create a cosy, and yet still modern, environment.  Everything in the room is controlled by the iPad, including temperature, blinds/curtains and more.

Psst!  To my readers who aren't so keen on people-watching, don't worry, the windows/walls are very well sound-proofed.  It's like living in a bubble.
Tower Bridge Historic Site London
Gold Mesh Metal Minimal Lighting
Historic Tower of London Lit Up at Night The morning felt beautifully calm and with free Wi-Fi and movies (I know, amazing!), it's easy to whittle away a few hours without even leaving the hotel room.  Which is exactly what I did, meaning I had to chuck some clothes on for breakfast in about five minutes.  Oops!
Lace robe - ASOS Mesh Lace Maxi
citizenM Tower of London Travel Blog Review
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Bathroom Basin
Long Black Sheer Lace Gown
Long hair and black lace robeBreakfast is served in a canteen area on the ground floor.  My choice?  Croissants with raspberry jam.  I took the opportunity to roam around the ground floor and spotted quite a few areas I could see myself comfortably sitting down with my mac and getting stuff done.  Speaking of which, you can expect plenty of business travellers at the citizenM Tower of London hotel, mixed with tourists and the occasional couple here and there.
citizenM Tower of London hotel interior design
Cylinders of water with mint leaves
citizenM Tower of London Hotel Decor Review
I absolutely loved my time at the citizenM Tower of London, and I suspect that has something to do with how the hotel combines some of my favourite aspects when travelling - unusual interior design, amazing views and a streamlined experience.  Let me know in the comments below what you think of this hotel!  

citizenM Tower of London Hotel
40 Trinity Square

With love,

Gabrielle x

Note: I was invited as a guest of citizenM Hotels, however all opinions are my own.