Garden Party Date Outfit StylingThe shift to outdoor events is finally happening as we move into the new month (anyone else feel as though April was a case of 'blink and you miss it'?).  With this shift comes picnics, weddings and outdoor parties - or a mixture of the three!  As I've said many times before, I prefer to overdress than underdress, and so consider this glam look best suited to evening garden parties, dates and possibly weddings.  Though if, like me, you're in a lifelong relationship with stiletto heels, cross your fingers for a patio!
Date Night Outfit for Garden Party
Date Outfit Styling Halcyon Days Bangle
True Decadence Midi Black Lace Dress

Clutch - Biba  |  Shoes - Lost Ink

Bangle - Halcyon Days (similar pattern)

Watch - Timex The Fairfield c/o

True Decadence Black Dress Fashion Blog Styling
Beautiful Hedged English Garden Trail
Biba Gold Clutch and Halcyon Days Hinged Bangle
Black Tie Garden Party Styling
True Decadence has been a welcome new discovery for me, ever since giving into the temptation of a totally impractical sheer lace dress by the brand last month.  This midi dress, however, is a much better investment.  The quality of detail is incredible and I adore the flattering fit/length.  I've already thought of a few occasions on which I plan to wear this dress!  Back to the concept of detail, this Timex beauty was picked out for me by the brand and I'm super impressed by the style match - the copper mesh strap is totally up my street!  For a girl who seems to only wear black-strap watches, this makes a welcome change.
Timex Copper Fairfield WatchRecognise the style of bangle?  I styled a similar hinged bangle within an outfit last month, both by Halcyon Days.  I've leaned towards delicate bracelets for as long as I can remember, but I've been won over by these gorgeous enamel bangles thanks to their ability to look luxurious in any setting.  Be still my beating heart...
True Decadence Midi Dress Black Lace
Fashion Blog Styling Black Tie Garden PartyOh and one more tip for date night/garden party styling - if you've opted for darker colours in your outfit, it creates the perfect foundation for having some fun with your makeup!  I'm wearing Goal Digger by Ciate on my nails (depending on the lighting, it looks silver or rose-gold) and a pretty shade of pink on the lips - Enthral by Mii Cosmetics (full review here).  It's the perfect pop of candy-pink that looks twice as intense in person.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this look - and here's hoping the month of May is a fabulous one for us all!

With love,

Gabrielle x