Jessica Nails Prime Collection Blog ReviewContinuing with the theme of pampering and indulging, now seems like a pretty good time for a fresh manicure, right?  Summer is here, and with it comes the brightest, boldest shades.  Jessica Nails are celebrating colour right now with their (primary) colour-popping new Prime Collection.  So, five sassy shades later, which polish impresses most with its colour and application?
Jessica Nails New Summer Prime Collection

Prime Collection c/o Jessica Nails 

Orange (scarlet crème) - totally surprised by how much I love this shade.  Similar to coral lipstick, it takes some getting used to... and then you're smitten! 

Yellow (sunflower crème) - sorry, still unable to warm to yellow nails. Perhaps it's my pasty complexion?  I definitely feel as though this is a shade better suited to darker skin tones

Magenta (fuchsia crème) - LOVE!  Such a sophisticated twist on Barbie-pink nails.  The ultimate colour pop and one you'll see a lot of this season for sure

Purple (rich crème) - vampy, mysterious and a lovely way of going bold without scaring yourself witless

Blue (cobalt crème) - my all-time favourite.  I feel as though I've been searching for the perfect shade of blue my entire life and finally I've got my mitts on it (literally).  Yes, yes and ten thousand times, yes!

Jessica Nails Prime Collection Beauty Blog Review
Jessica Nails Prime Collection Summer Blog Review
Application?  I found each 'primary colour' only needed one layer of polish, with purple needing two.  The biggest surprise with regard to coverage was the striking orange and yellow shades; unlike most other light shades, they applied heavily and without streaks.  It's safe to say I have a pretty large collection of Jessica Nails polishes now, and mainly due to how quick the drying time is.  I'm all about those speedy manicures!     
Jessica Nails Prime Collection Cobalt Creme
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this eye-catching new collection - do you have a fave shade?  Oh and while we're focussing on feeling calm and pampered, be sure to pop over to the Mira Showers website to read my tips on creating a calming spa in your bathroom!

With love,

Gabrielle x