Mii Cosmetics Tropical Daydream CollectionOkay, so by now nobody should be surprised by my undying love for Mii Cosmetics.  Ever since discovering their lipsticks at a Champneys spa a couple of years ago, I've been obsessed with their cosmetics - natural beauty, but better.  I adore makeup that doesn't require constant touch-ups and attention, making their long-lasting looks ideal.  For anyone who feels the same way, Mii Cosmetics' new summer Tropical Daydream collection is exciting news!  Flattering pops of colour, wide-eyed beauty and shades of pink?  Yes please!
Mii Cosmetics Tropical Daydream Wide Eyed LinerMii Cosmetics Wide Eyed Liner c/o - I've lost count of how many times I've seen white eyeliner listed as a brilliant tip for brightening and widening eyes when used on the waterline, and yet I'd never got around to trying it for myself.  Well, that's now changed thanks to Mii Cosmetics!  One word?  Smitten.  The tip of the creamy liner is perfect for gliding across the waterline without needing multiple applications.  If you're wanting to step up your daily-makeup game, definitely give this a go.

Mii Cosmetics Celestial Skin Shimmer - One of my all-time favourite blushes (that has seen me work my way through two or three compacts now!) is featured in this gorgeous new collection.  Check out last summer's review for a closer look at the pretty palette.
Mii Cosmetics Tropical Daydream Lipsticks Sunblush Sunburst
Mii Cosmetics Passionate Lip Lover in Sunburst c/o - This is one hell of a colour pop.  It's a fabulously bold coral shade, with an almost metallic sheen that can be seen up close.  Personally, Sunburst gives me holiday vibes.  Now, where did I put my bikini...
Mii Cosmetics Tropical Daydream Sunburst Lipstick
Mii Cosmetics Tropical Daydream Sunblush Lipstick
Mii Cosmetics Passionate Lip Lover in Sunblush c/o - The same moisturising formula can be found in both Sunblush and Sunburst, meaning the bright shades glide onto the lips smoothly - which to be honest, makes a refreshing change from most colour-popping lip shades!  I've found myself leaning closer and closer to Barbie-pink colours now that summer has arrived, and Sunblush totally plays into that seasonal change.  Love, love, love.  My new summer fave!
Mii Cosmetics Tropical Daydream Sunblush LipstickLet me know which item from the gorgeous new Tropical Daydream collection stands out to you!  Which lip colours are you obsessed with right now (pinks, nudes, coral?), and out of curiosity, do you also wear white liner on your waterline?

With love,

Gabrielle x