Luxury hotel welcome drinksDepending on how long you've been reading A Glass Of Ice, you may or may not remember my Christmastime stay in Bath last December.  I left feeling totally attached to the town and determined to return as soon as possible - and the rest, as they say, is history!  With 48 hours to play with, a fair bit of research was done beforehand to ensure the best time in Bath; this included tracking down the most gorgeous, newly-opened luxury boutique hotel, finally experiencing the Roman Baths, and pinpointing some of the most stylish spots to sit and soak up the atmosphere.


Do you ever come across a hotel with such dreamy interior design, that you can literally see yourself living there?  My favourite stay of this year so far has undoubtedly been the No.15 Great Pulteney, a newly-opened boutique hotel located at the heart of Bath.  Set in a townhouse and overlooking Great Pulteney Street, it really is the perfect way to experience the historic town!   The luxury of the Junior Suite takes it to a whooole other level, particularly if chic, neutral colour schemes are your thing (waves furiously).  Four-poster bed, tall sash windows and high white ceiling?  Yes please!
Bath Great Pulteney Street Buildings
Bath No. 15 Great Pulteney Street Hotel
Luxury boutique hotel interior design Bath
Similar to my love of historic houses filled with unusual treasures, I have a soft spot for hotels with eclectic mixes of features.  It's this sort of unexpected beauty that makes No.15 Great Pulteney very special.  Chandeliers comprising a mass of jewellery, floor-to-ceiling murals and displays of ink pots and jewellery showcased in glass tables; there's a lot to see.

Help!  I've fallen for a hotel and can't get up...    
Beautiful chandelier comprising jewellery
Bar 15 No.15 Great Pulteney Hotel Bath
Luxury Bath Bar No 15 Great Pulteney Hotel
Luxury boutique hotel bar cart
Green brooches interior designIf you're in the area and uncertain whether to commit to a stay, a drink or two at Bar 15 should help you make up your mind.  Talk about dreamy!  Staff are exceptionally friendly throughout the hotel, and be sure to ask about local attractions upon arrival, as well as picking up a parking permit.  Parking is fairly limited at the centre of Bath, and so this certainly takes the headache out of rolling your suitcase through the cobbled streets!

Psst...  I shared a few photos of breakfast via Insta Stories, though forgot to take any for my blog - oops!  My suggestion, order the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (and enjoy the warm toast and preserves brought to the table as soon as you've sat down!)
Junior Suite No.15 Great Pulteney Hotel
Burberry 4237 black and gold sunglasses
Heels - Zara Jacquard Court Shoes  |  Sunglasses - Burberry 4237 Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop
No.15 Great Pulteney Hotel Junior Suite
Bath Hotel Junior Suite Bathroom
One morning at the chic hotel was spent wrapped in pink silk from Bonsoir of London, and the other in a babydoll-style chemise from Biba.  Can you tell I've got a thing for pretty nightwear?  There really is no better feeling than looking out of vast windows, in your fave nightwear, hot chocolate in hand (sorry, I know it's summer but ya girl can't help it).  I may be biased, but I reckon life is too short not to swan around in hotels in gorgeous nightwear!

Nightdress - Biba Chemise (currently on sale!)

No.15 Great Pulteney
15 Great Pulteney St.
Blue and black Biba chemise
Dolls House in Luxury Boutique Hotel
Blue and black lace Biba Chemise


Some popular tourist sites can at times be disappointing, I agree.  And I have to admit, it's this concern that's kept me from visiting the Roman Baths.  Big mistake, colossal mistake!  They're absolutely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.  You can book personal guided tours in advance, or alternatively enjoy a self-guided tour via audioguide.  Part of the experience takes you outdoors, so keep the weather in mind for your visit.  Though besides the area most often photographed (and shown in this post), there's much, much more to discover.  Bottom line?  It's a special place, add it to your to-do list!  

Roman Baths
Stall St
The Roman Baths Travel Blog Review
The Roman Baths Travel Blog Review
The Roman Baths UK Travel Blog Review
Untreated water at Roman Baths
UK Travel Blog Roman Baths Summer 2017


With an entry fee of just £1.50 (less for concessions), the Parade Gardens are a wonderfully inexpensive way of getting back to nature in between shopping and snacking.  Complete with views of Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey and the River Avon, the gardens are small but really lovely.  I spotted a photoshoot taking place in front of the floral bandstand in the centre, along with a family enjoying a picnic on the grass.  If you happen to be catching up with someone in the area or there for a date, this could make a sweet meeting place!

Parade Gardens
Grand Parade
Views of Bath Abbey from the Parade Gardens
Zara Pink Frill Ruffle Blouse Summer 2017
Blouse - Zara Frilly Blouse
Floral Bandstand at the Parade Gardens
Steps leading to the Parade Gardens in Bath


Needless to say, like most famous towns, there are tons of things to do.  Firstly, since Spring there's been an installation of umbrellas nestled into the lanes of shops (including high street regulars and more unique boutiques).  How effective they are when it's raining I have no idea, but who cares when they're this pretty?!  Speaking of pretty things, there are a few utterly beautiful follies in the eighteenth-century Sydney Pleasure Gardens.  Located at the end of Great Pulteney Street and around the back of The Holborn Museum, they make the perfect place for a morning walk, or picnic from a bench with a book/magazine in hand.  Finally, be sure to make time to pop into Bath's Fashion Museum, housed in the Assembly Rooms and brimming with inspiring styles and embellishments.  Oh, and No.1 Royal Crescent is ideal for history-lovers!  Ah, see what I mean about there being tons of things to do?  The list is endless!
Bath colourful umbrella installation
Great Pulteney Street fountain in summer at night
Sydney Pleasure Gardens in Bath travel blog


This is now my all-time favourite café in Bath, seriously.  It's just around the back of Jolly's Department Store and accessible via the street.  It's a beautifully fresh space on a hot day, and offers a variety of sweet treats including macarons and scones.  If every café opted for this kind of chic interior design, I don't think I'd ever be without a slice of cake in my mouth...

Jolly's Tea Room
Milsom St
Jolly's Tea Room in Bath
Glass of Elderflower Cordial at Jolly's Tea Room
48 hours in Bath travel diary blogger
Selection of colourful pastel macaronsI'd love to hear your thoughts on this travel diary!  Have you visited Bath before, and if so, how did you spend your time in the beautiful town?

With love,

Gabrielle x