De Vere Wotton House Restaurant I'm a huge fan of staycations, which has become apparent since the start of this year - having set myself the goal of discovering more places on home turf!  However, it's not always about crushing ten million things into a day or two (ahem, 48 Hours in Bath and Bournemouth Summer Staycation), and instead sometimes lounging around and soaking up the atmosphere of wherever you're based.  Personally?  I'm an overthinker.  And so this kind of staycation can provide the perfect opportunity to switch off, disconnect and completely unwind.  All that's needed is comfortable loungewear, a couple of magazines and a healthy appetite...
De vere hotel in the Surrey Hills
Antler Grey Medium Prism Suitcase
Suitcase - Antler Prism Medium Suitcase 
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I found myself at De Vere Wotton House on what happened to be a couple of the hottest days of the year so far.  I've mentioned before my love of unbearably hot weather (and found many of you feel the same way!), and I got my wish while in the Surrey Hills, that's for sure!  The country house hotel is located in Surrey, about nine miles away from Guildford, and has recently had one hell of a facelift.    The plush furnishings are just as you would expect, plus a little extra - think gold bamboo accessories, lemonade on tap and subtle animal-themed details.
De Vere Wotton House Hotel Room
Satin Nightwear Cami and Shorts
On my way over to the countryside estate, I nipped into some rather sweet looking boutiques to pick up a satin nightwear set - guess who forgot their pyjamas?  But after that little oversight, everything went as smoothly as I'd hoped.  If you find yourself at the hotel anytime soon, my suggestion would be to make the most of the light and fresh columned lobby, a chic lounge area complete with an abundance of tea and reading materials.  So many Culinary Concept-esque details as well (such as the serving trays below), I'd love to know if I'm right?!
De Vere Wotton House Review 2017
De Vere Wotton House Lounge
De Vere Wotton House Lounge in Summer
Are you even reading A Glass Of Ice if I don't mention gardens at least once?  I understand why not everyone thinks they're the bee's knees, but I've always found them to be calming.  Needless to say, I quickly became attached to Wotton House's extensive grounds and 17th Century Italian Gardens.  The particular folly shown below offered total silence and the chance to slip off your sandals and enjoy the cool marble on a very hot afternoon.  I feel as though it'd make a perfectly idyllic, beautiful backdrop for a Shakespeare play on a warm summer's evening!  Oops, there's the romantic in me again...
Stone Pillar Folly in Hotel's Gardens
Izabel London Blue Bardot Dress
Dress - Bardot Dress c/o Izabel London
De Vere Wotton House Grotto Folly
Antler Grey Medium Sized Prism Suitcase

De Vere Wotton House Branded Green Car
Have you ever visited the Surrey Hills before?  There's tons to do nearby, including visiting Polesden Lacey, RHS Garden Wisley and of course shopping in Guildford!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this little staycation?

De Vere Wotton House
Guildford Rd

With love,

Gabrielle x