Beautiful UK Landscaped Gardens Flowers and PillarsAbove all else, the topic I mention most often on A Glass Of Ice is gardens.  Landscaped, traditional, oriental - any type at all!  A couple of my favourite experiences include the gardens at Hever Castle and Blenheim Palace.  With so many open to the public in the UK (often via small entry fee or suggested donation for their ongoing upkeep), it makes sense to fill a weekend here and there with blooms and follies.  In my opinion, Italianate gardens are the Creme de la Creme of what's on offer, with many of them hiding temples and other treats behind formal hedging and columns.  Though, what exactly makes them so special?
Balcony seating area ideal for morning coffee
Beautiful landscaped UK gardens with pillarsI've always been drawn to classic design when it comes to architecture and gardens.  And lately, I've come to realise I'm definitely not alone - there's a lot of us out there who appreciate the elegance of columns, statuary and ornate stonework!  The beauty of Italianate gardens can be found in how they combine the two: architecture and gardens.  With this in mind, there are hundreds of reasons as to why spending time in one at a weekend (and at any time of year) is a good choice.  First and foremost, they're ideal for wandering through alone; be it with something on your mind, or with a list/plan that needs finishing, tucked into a quiet corner somewhere. Equally, Italianate gardens can make great meeting points for catching up with friends, meeting a large group of family, or even getting to know someone on a date...
Casual smart outfit for visiting formal gardens
Beautiful white flowers surrounding pillars
The Italian-influenced romantic architecture tends to lend itself to photoshoots, particularly outfit shoots (heeey bloggers) - though be sure to ask permission first if you're visiting a private garden!  You'll often see people walking around with a DSLR around their neck, as many Italianate gardens can and do attract amateur photographers of all ages, thanks to the mass of photo opportunities.  Learning your craft?  Italianate gardens are filled with unusual flowers and stunning features to practice on.  Think along the lines of: symmetrical topiary, dramatic water displays and bold statuary.
Iford manor gardens in the summertime
Most beautiful gardens to visit in Bradford-upon-Avon
With a Bank Holiday Weekend approaching, now is the time to track down an Italian influenced garden near you!  Speaking of which, how do you feel about Italianate gardens?  As always, hugely looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Iford Manor & Gardens
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With love,

Gabrielle x