Estella Bartlett Gold Dragonfly Necklace BlogHands up who doesn't have a bustier hanging in their wardrobe?  It literally never even occurred to me, until those lace corsets with whalebones emerged from Dior.  I've played with the idea ever since, only biting the bullet when discovering this denim bustier top from Alexa Chung (a last minute addition to the debut collection).  Paired with a romantic, ruffled skirt, it's giving definite vibes - though of what exactly, I'm not sure.  At the moment, I'm seeing a twist on traditional Tyrolean dress, and Catherine Zeta Jones in The Mask of Zorro, when her dress is strategically cut off mid-sword fight (but, denim).  Yeah, well I did say I wasn't sure of the vibe...
Chic and Fresh Way to Style a Denim Bustier
Dainty Gold Double Lobe Piercing

Of all the ways to style bustiers right now, my overriding favourite has to be with ruffled, flamboyant skirts.  Even for those of us with flatter chests (waves furiously), bustiers and corsets can unintentionally push in the direction of sexy - which is perfectly fine, unless you're not feeling that on a particular day and fancy balancing it out a little.  Ruffles are nearly always a safe bet, though tulle is a gorgeous option for more special occasions.  For this look, I've opted for an asymmetrical gingham midi skirt, purchased in Mango while in Belgium last month - I've listed some similar ruffled, gingham midi styles above!
Alexa Chung Net a Porter Denim Bustier
Dainty Gold Double Lobe Piercing Blogger
One of the perks of wearing bustiers is undoubtedly their ability to nip in the waist, as well as add a little somethin' somethin' to the chest (obviously).  This ALEXACHUNG denim bustier feels like a stylish alternative to a few other options I've seen around lately, thanks to the front zip travelling the entire length of the top.  It's also safe to say opting for denim feels like a comfortable step (or five) down from heading out in a corseted, leather bodice, and pushes you closer towards daywear, rather than lingerie.
Alexa Chung Designer Denim Bustier Top

Skirt - Mango

Choker - Vintage  |  Bangle - Halcyon Days

Necklace - Dragonfly Necklace c/o Estella Bartlett

Mango Gingham Midi Ruffle Skirt
Styling a Denim Bustier in Summer
Surprise, surprise, I've opted for a ton of dainty gold jewellery!  My love affair with Estella Bartlett is continuing with this adorable little dragonfly necklace; the perfect piece to layer with other delicate gold pieces.  Speaking of which, anybody spot the new piercings?!  I headed to a studio last week and had double lobe piercings done!  I can't believe I hadn't done it sooner; they serve as the perfect extra embellishment I've been looking for - with or without makeup!  Ah, any excuse to stock up on dainty gold earrings en masse...
Gold Dainty and Delicate JewelleryI'd love to hear your thoughts on bustiers - do you own one, and if not, what's stopping you?  

With love,

Gabrielle x