Travel Blog Photography Tips Princess Balcony EuropeI've lost count of how many travel blogs I've now bookmarked, having been in some way inspired by the adventures they share!  There's a definite recurring theme - it's less about the number of pixels, and more about the perspective from which they're seeing a place. Personally, when I share travel diaries, I like to focus on detail; the finishing touches that are so often overlooked when travelling, but that happen to catch my eye (read: Hotel Dukes' Palace, 48 Hours In Bath and In The Surrey Hills).  So, having received a fair few requests to share my travel blog photography tips over this past year, I'm leaving the technical side to the pros, and focussing on what I know best - the creative!


S H R I N K   Y O U R S E L F 

Spotted a beautiful scene that fills the entire frame?  Have your photographer stay where they are, and dash into the shot - your tiny presence will emphasise the grand scale of the building (as shown above!) 

L O O K   U P

Because people rarely do, which immediately gives you a different perspective

U S E   Y O U R   A C C E S S O R I E S

Photos of your hotel room can already no doubt be found on the hotel's website, and the same goes for your balcony and bathroom, the lobby etc.  The difference between those shots and yours, is the little personal touches eg. your new season handbag next to the bed, fave perfume bottle reflected in the bathroom's mirror, suitcase on the luggage rack etc. 

O N   T H E   M O V E

One of the most exciting aspects of travelling is being on the move and seeing as much as possible; but there's only so much atmosphere you can translate.  The answer?  Mixing in movement shots, to add to that fast-paced vibe of constantly exploring: birds in flight, cats mid-padding and you - walking ahead, swinging your bag, soaking up the atmosphere!

U N U S U A L   D E T A I L S

You've no idea how happy it makes me when someone comments about the detail shots in my travel diaries!  I love spotting the unusual.  The thing is, it's all there for the taking!  It's just a case of finding something beautiful and honing in on one specific area of it - one that isn't usually noticed by other visitors.  It can be as simple as a light fitting, decorative molding on palace ceilings, or even the cucumber floating in your water!    Tip: Look for corners and shoot from an angle where possible


Although these tips have been created with travel blogs in mind, let's face it everyone wants their travel/holiday captures to sparkle!  So, I hope my travel photography tips have been of some help, if you've found any of them particularly useful, let me know in the comments below - you know I love reading your thoughts.  Oh and if any of the tips come in handy on your upcoming adventures - make my day and let me know!

With love,

Gabrielle x