GAP Pink Chunky Knit Oversized JumperIt's easy to fall into the trap of thinking nautical influences only apply to warm weather fashion, and sure, I'll hold my hands up to bringing out all the breton in summer.  But why stop there?!  Lately, I've been thinking about how best to bring the vibe into the colder months as well - because let's be real, it goes far beyond being a trend.  It's a solid, season-after-season option to keep in your fall rotation, like the timeless camel coat and other Autumn wardrobe heroes!  The question is, how to opt in while still keeping it subtle?  My vote goes to themed dark denim.
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Fashion Blog Karen Millen Indigo Nautical Denim SkirtI hear you, 'themed' dark denim isn't something you stumble across everyday, but a little bit of digging will unearth some total gems that with the right styling can deliver that nautical pop.  This high-waisted and nautical themed denim skirt is by Karen Millen and also comes in skinny jean form.  Another option would be to find dungarees in dark denim and whip out the breton tops you've packed away, ready to layer underneath!  Baker Boy hats are still going strong, though already you can see them being replaced by berets and wide-brimmed felt hats.  The good news?  Because of this, they seem more 'themed' to the look.  Fab!     
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As always, I'm really looking forward to reading your thoughts on this look!  I'd also love to hear whether you have any ideas of your own for bringing nautical styling into an Autumnal wardrobe?  Spread that inspo! 

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