Mii Cosmetics AW17 Supernova CollectionNew season, new Mii Cosmetics collection!  Since my review of the brand's summer collection, Tropical Daydream, I've been obsessed with the Wide Eyed Liner.  Really, obsessed.  There always seems to be at least one staple in each collection that makes it into my can't-live-without permanent daily routine, and sure enough, it's happened again!  This season's Supernova collection is filled with the brand's flattering approach to beauty; including four long-wearing lip crémes, no-fuss liquid eyeliner and a glitter liner that screams festive parties (oops, too soon?).  So, which products from the Supernova collection have made me see stars?!

''It's not about making a statement - you are the statement''

Mii Cosmetics Glitter Glam Liner c/o - Tell me you understand why I mentioned festive parties, right?!  Nothing screams of that time of year more than glitter, and lots of it.  Although I wouldn't go switching your usual glam-kit anytime soon for this one liner, it's a gorgeous addition to an otherwise already glitzy look.  The effect is pretty subtle, which makes it ideal for layering over a liner (I've tested it with both gel and liquid, though not kohl) and then pairing with a bold lip.
Mii Cosmetics Supernova AW17 Glitter Glam LinerMii Cosmetics Showstopping Eyeliner c/o - As I said, there's always one item from each Mii Cosmetics collection that instantly becomes one of my daily heroes.  For this season, it's the Showstopping Eyeliner!  Having never tried liquid eyeliner before (I know, I know...), this was a step into the unknown for me - but an easy one, phew!  It's easy to hold, applies smoothly and has the tiniest tip, ensuring the perfect feline flick.  Needless to say, a steady hand is needed - and especially as it's long lasting, as in loooong lasting. Once it's on, it's on!  So far, my record is 13 hours with absolutely no movement.  So, if you're new to liquid eyeliner, trust me when I say this makes a fabulous first!

Psst! See the eyeliner in action in this week's Heritage Check styling.
Mii Cosmetics Supernova Lip Cremes Blog ReviewMii Cosmetics Power Matte Lip Crémes c/o -  Available in 4 colours: Eternity 01 (nude), Imperial 02 (red), Sensuous 03 (fuchsia pink) and Supreme 04 (mulberry).  Surprise surprise, my favourite is Eternity.  You can never have too many nudes and I plan on wearing this shade straight through the colder seasons!  The application process is super smooth, to the point where it literally reminds me of 'those' beauty influencer close-up videos on Instagram that leave you just... hypnotised.  Three hours and no budging, though be warned they do take a little while to dry initially.  I'll be pairing these lip crémes with different looks over the next month, starting with Eternity in the next outfit post (coming soon).  So check back here every now and again this month as I'll be updating this post with links to the pairings!

Imperial 02 -

Sensuous 03 - 

Supreme 04 - 

Mii Cosmetics Supernova Lip Cremes Eternity 01
Mii Cosmetics Supernova AW17 Collection Beauty Blog Review
Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this collection.  Are you all about glitter this AW17?  Are you a liquid eyeliner novice, or pro?  Oh and feel free to share your thoughts on the gorgeous lip crémes - remember, closer looks will be coming soon in outfit posts, so check back later in the month for links to them!

The Supernova collection will be available from September at Mii Cosmetics.

With love,

Gabrielle x