UK Travel Blogger Visit to Portchester CastleI say 'hidden' gem, but Portchester Castle is pretty difficult to conceal!  Located at the northern end of Portsmouth Harbour, the medieval castle is built within a former Roman fort.  I've only ever visited Portsmouth a handful of times and so I'll be the first to admit I had absolutely no idea Portsmouth was harbouring (excuse the pun) such a special place!  Honestly?  Castle ruins can be just as special as those packed full with furniture; at the very least, it paves the way for you to use your imagination.  With barely anyone around and an afternoon of non-stop sunshine, it was time to explore...
Things to do in Portsmouth Castle Ruins
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Things to do in Portchester Portsmouth Castle Ruins

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Besides the obvious exterior, up many (many MANY) narrow steps, you'll find Richard II's former Palace, as well as The Great Tower.  In the early 19th Century, the latter had extra floors inserted to accommodate thousands of prisoners, which also saw one of the basement rooms converted into a theatre by French prisoners of war.  Bizarre, I know.  But fascinating!
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UK Portchester Castle Ruins
Things to do and see in Portsmouth Portchester Castle
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To cut a long story short, Portchester Castle is well worth venturing to when you next find yourself in the area - if I've managed to pique your curiosity!  It makes for the perfect day trip and particularly for those interested in castles and/or the great outdoors.  It's less about what there is to do, and more about what there is to see.  Have you been to any castles recently - ruins, or otherwise?!  Let me know in the comments below - immerse me in castle-talk!!

Portchester Castle
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