Seafolly Mandala Printed Black Long LeggingsAlright, so I'm still obsessed with working out.  Nothing new there!  However, after having recently convinced a friend to join a gym and then hearing about how much she's loving it, I'm feeling a little more pushy than usual (sorry).  With the gym at The Tamburlaine Hotel setting the scene, accompanied by one of my all-time favourite activewear looks via Cocobay, I've put together a few reasons as to why joining a gym might just be the best thing you can do for yourself this year...
Line of kettlebells at hotel gymSeafolly at Cocobay Mandala Printed Black LeggingsUK Fitness Blogger Gym Medicine Ball WorkoutSeafolly New Arrivals at Cocobay Crop Top Leggings

B  O  D  Y   G O A L S

Stating the obvious, but it's the most effective way of achieving your ideal shape!  No matter how committed you are, eventually you're likely to need the range of equipment that comes with having access to a gym

M I  N  D  S  E  T

A sense of structure comes with creating and committing to a workout plan.  Plus, it helps to be surrounded by likeminded people - you find yourself pushing even harder

M  E  E  T  I  N  G

Alright, so I've not yet experienced it as a place to 'meet meet' people - but it's not unheard of!  You'll start recognising people over time who tend to go at the same time as you.  At the very least, you can add some friendly faces and new acquaintances to your routine

A  C  T  I  V  E  W  E  A  R

Oh you knew activewear would feature in the list!  Safe to assume most of us are obsessed with gorgeous activewear, right?  Joining a gym puts the fun back into fitness fashion and pushes you away from that bralet-and-shorts combo you wear for home workouts (hey, not judging.  We've all been there!).  In this post, I'm wearing a full look by Seafolly at Cocobay (check out last month's Aztec look from the designer-brand stockist if you fancy a little more colour!)

C  O  N  D  I  T  I  O  N  S

Sadly, it's not always safe to workout/run outdoors on your own - females, in particular.  It shouldn't be the case, but it is.  As much as I love (and encourage!) running outdoors, I've had an uncomfortable experience in the past with regard to this and have no doubt many of you reading this will have as well.  On a lighter note, it's also getting pretty damn cold out there and so doesn't avoiding frostbitten fingers sound like heaven?!

The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge Gym
Seafolly Active Mandala Printed Crop Top at Cocobay
List of blog reasons to join a gym ft. seafolly at cocobay
Medicine Ball Stack at Hotel Gym

Leggings - Seafolly Active Mandala Leggings c/o Cocobay

Shoes - Nike

Use the code GLASSOFICE for 20% off all activewear (inc. Seafolly!) at Cocobay

UK Luxury Fitness Fashion Blog Gym Workout
The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge Gym Dumbbell Rack
Standard Black Workout Mats on Gym Wall
If you fancy a sprinkling of motivation, check out my post on why now is the perfect time of year to Reset Your Fitness Goals.  This is literally one of my all-time favourite topics and so I'm super keen to hear your thoughts on both the Seafolly activewear from Cocobay, as well as how you feel about joining a gym!  Have I convinced you?  Or are you already a convert?  Let me know in the comments below...

Psst!  Time to treat yourself - use the code GLASSOFICE for 20% off all activewear at Cocobay.

Gym - The Tamburlaine Hotel
27-29 Station Rd

With love,

Gabrielle x