Bonsoir of London Blue Paisley GownSomething I adore about this time of year, is how everyone's attention turns to comfort.  It's all about how best to keep warm, stay cosy and achieve a general sense of wellbeing.  I'll be the first to admit I get ahead of myself with the seasons, which lately has resulted in curling up on the sofa watching Christmas films (oops), surrounded by candles.  But the question is, how can we embrace this season? Using the weekend as an example - it both starts and ends at home.  Things tend to quieten down on the social front between now and the festive season, providing the perfect excuse to indulge in a very, very gentle weekend...
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Bonsoir of London Blue Silk Paisley Nightgown
The Tamburlaine Hotel Room Service Breakfast MenuI know I should start by suggesting unplugging and/or having a digital detox, but I'm actually turning my back on that idea.  Just a little bit.  Speaking from experience, a sudden and total digital detox tends to cause more worry than the stuff itself, y'know?  My suggestion would be to restrict; allocate a brief moment to do what you (think you) have to do and then detox - allowing you to truly relax, with nothing hanging over you.  Noting the pile of pastries below, now might also be a good time to mention how gentle mornings are ALL about the food.  It's Autumn, it's cold and it's time to treat yourself.  Bring out the pancakes!  
Pink plate of sweet iced pastries
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Bonsoir of London Blue Silk Paisley Dressing Gown
Oyster Silk Slip Bonsoir of London
Okay, moving on to the widespread favourites.  Fur throws and fleece blankets are a must and it doesn't hurt to have a magazine to hand, for that early morning inspiration.  Muffled soft music can also add to the ambience, drifting in from another room.  I've currently got my eye on the new Panasonic CD speakers that function as multi-room speakers for CD, radio and smartphone - something that's shot to the top of my wishlist since rediscovering an old Britney CD of her greatest hits (don't lie, you love her too).  Oh and needless to say, I'm a huge fan of luxurious nightwear and loungewear; with Bonsoir of London quickly becoming one of my favourite go-to brands for those special finds (see Luxe Getaway | 6 Ways To Indulge from this past summer) - scroll down for details on this silk and paisley look!

There really is something beautiful about completely immersing yourself in a new season.  I dread the thought of not having totally 'embraced' a season, though thankfully there's one million and one different ways to throw yourself into A/W - so there's no chance of missing out!  Which reminds me, candles.  Because is it even Autumn if you're not stockpiling warm and woody scents?!  A couple of my current favourites include Cire Trudon's Scented Christmas Candle and Neom's Christmas Wish 3 Wick Scented Candle.  Spot the theme....
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Slip - Silk Nightdress c/o Bonsoir of London 

Gown - Luxury Silk Dressing Gown c/o Bonsoir of London

Mask - Silk Eye Mask c/o Bonsoir of London

Luxury Silk Nightwear Dressing Gown Bonsoir of London
This cosy time of year absolutely calls for gentle mornings spent indoors!  So let me know, have I missed anything off this weekend morning checklist?  I'd love to hear about how you're embracing Autumn right now, as well as your thoughts on this dreamy silk paisley gown from Bonsoir of London's new Autumn collection?!

Have a lovely weekend!

With love,

Gabrielle x