The Tamburlaine Garden Room CambridgeRewind a few years ago and I literally had no idea where I most liked to be.  By this, I'm talking about environments, interior design and general aesthetic.  Somewhere along the line, I became interested with glasshouses and to cut a long story short, I'm now obsessed with them.  And now, anything that resembles influences of that fresh, clean and minimal vibe ticks all the right boxes for me!  Even better if they're closely followed by luxurious, classic and historic settings (the two can co-exist, promise!).  The thing is, before I knew it I found those same influences applying to my fashion, interior design, experiences and even preferred hotels when travelling.  So, that's pretty much what led me to The Tamburlaine Hotel in Cambridge earlier this week.  But the question is, why is discovering your individual aesthetic so important?
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Okay, I can appreciate there are more pressing issues to think about in life.  But we're gliding past that for just a second.  Focussing on aesthetic, literally speaking it's the 'appreciation of beauty'.  Individually speaking, it's so much more.  Speaking from experience, discovering your individual aesthetic can lead to having a better understanding of where you most enjoy spending your time - and that is why it's so important.  Knowing where you feel the most comfortable and at your happiest, means picking hotels that feel like home, dressing in outfits that resemble second skins and visiting places that make you feel good.  What could be better than that?    
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Cambridge The Tamburlaine Garden Room Travel BlogHave you ever stopped to think about your individual aesthetic and what spaces and places you're at your most happiest?  Mine is anywhere fresh, clean, minimal and vaguely resembling glasshouses!  How about you?

Psst!  Full Cambridge travel diary coming soon to the blog inc. a closer look at The Tamburlaine Hotel!

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