Silver Lace Up Isidro Boots Aldo ShoesAs soon as Autumn starts, my focus shifts to footwear - boots, in particular.  So, now that the season is well underway and winter is creeping up on us, it's the perfect opportunity to pay some attention to the current footwear trends, as well as how much we're wiling to invest this time around.  Whether we splurge or save usually depends on how much wear and tear we reckon the boots will get, right?  Are they durable?  How often will you wear them?  How soon will this trend pass?  I've narrowed it down to five standout footwear trends this A/W that are appearing on both ends of the scale: designer and high street.  The question is, which gets your vote?
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Metallic Silver Lace Up Heeled Ankle Boots
Pale Blue Faux Fur Zara Jacket

Beanie - Jaeger

Boots - Isidro Ankle Boots c/o Aldo

How to Style Metallic Boots in Winter
Aldo Isidro Silver Metallic Heeled Ankle Boots
If you follow me over on Instagram, you'll know I've been stocking up on textures lately - we're set for many months of shearling, faux fur and teddy materials.  So for this look, it's a case of piling on last year's favourite accessories, as well as the new addition of this (very) pale blue textured jacket from Zara.

Having spent most of the past month obsessing over both silver footwear, as well as utility-style hiking boots, these Isidro Ankle Boots c/o Aldo combined the two styles brilliantly.  There are so many styles that can be crossed over, particularly sock boots and over the knee styles.  But what else is trending right now?  Designer Vs. High Street - let's go!
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S I L V E R   B O O T S

I doubt silver finds its way very often into any of our wardrobes, but with metallic footwear now appearing everywhere you turn, it's hard not to fall in love with the trend!  If you have a soft spot for utility-style footwear, but need more sparkle than hiking boots can offer (more on that later), silver lace-up ankle boots are your thing.  For sure.  Invest in Louis Vuitton's Spaceship Ankle Boots, or get the look for less with Aldo's Isidro Ankle Boots.
AW17/18 Shoes Trend Metallic Silver Boots
Louis Vuitton Spaceship Ankle Boots (left) Vs. Aldo Isidro Silver Ankle Boots (right)


R E D   P A T E N T   B O O T S 

Not for the faint-hearted!  Red boots are sexy enough, but patent?  Steamy.  Play it right and you'll look as though you stepped off the runway, play it wrong and you'll be asked how much for half an hour.  If you're really looking to raise some eyebrows, give thigh-high red patent boots a go; splurge on the Fendi Rockoco ribbed-knit boots, or save with River island's OTK version.
AW17/18 Trend Red Vinyl Ankle Stiletto Boots
Gianvito Rossi Levy Patent-Leather Ankle Boots (left) Vs. River Island Red Patent Stiletto Ankle Boots (right)  


S L O U C H    K N E E - H I G H S / O T K

Ever Since Saint Laurent Niki 105 Boots were revealed, slouchy knee-high and OTK boots have been popping up left, right and centre. Honestly?  I'm not a fan of the extreme slouch.  However, if you love the look and are ready to make a statement then you're in luck, because there are tons of options around (inc. Topshop Boxer High Leg Boots) - and ahem, without the ridiculous price tag...
AW17 Footwear Trend Silver Slouchy Boots
Saint Laurent Niki 105 Boots Vs. Urban Outfitters Tess Metallic Scrunch Boots


E M B E L L I S H E D   A N K L E   B O O T S

I'm convinced now we're all magpies at heart, because as soon as the festive season kicks in we all go crazy for embellishment, right?!  With this in mind, embellished footwear is the way to go.  If you prefer a rounded toe and block heel, try these cosmic beauties.  Alternatively, if you're window shopping with your Christmas list in mind, add these Giuseppe Zanotte Glittered Sock Boots to your wishlist (also come in silver with oversized bows - SO cute).
AW17/18 Footwear Shoe Trends Glitter Boots
Giuseppe Zanotti Natalie Glittered Sock Boots Vs. ASOS Truffle Collection Point Stiletto Boots


H I K I N G   B O O T S

Love, love, LOVE.  Marketed as the season's 'most badass' footwear, hiking boots are probably the most comfortable trend we'll be coming across for a while (okay, besides teddy coats).  Dressed up or dressed down, they work.  Speaking of which, you could hit two trends with one style by opting for silver footwear, such as the lace-up Aldo platform boots shown above.  The trick is to lean towards utility-style, with emphasis on the style - or else end up looking as though you're on your way to climb Jungfrau.  Splurge on these Jimmy Choo Shearling-trimmed boots (serious daydreaming material), or save with high street alternatives such as the below Dune Perrinn Suede Hiking Boots.
Hiking Mountain Boots Womens Footwear Trend AW17
Jimmy Choo Shearling-trimmed Ankle Boots Vs. Dune Perrinn Suede Hiking Boots


So, there we have it!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this look, as well as the above five trends.  At some point or another, we've most likely all splurged on footwear.  But for argument's sake, do any of the above designer or high street boots stand out to you?!

With love,

Gabrielle x