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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Staycation | An Advocate Of Slow Living

Norfolk Mead Hotel Chanterelle RoomSpend some time here and you'll no doubt pick up on how I'm an advocate of slow living.  By this, I'm talking about a slower and more relaxed pace; live slowly, move slowly, react slowly.  I've never truly bought into the hype of fast paced living, especially when you can get just as much done (if not more) by not rushing at 1.2 million mph.  With this in mind, staycations have quickly become my best friend.  Don't get me wrong, I adore travelling abroad (with Germany next on the agenda to return to the spectacular Christmas markets!), but this year in particular I've learned to appreciate the simple staycation.  And by doing so, I've been taught an incredible lesson in slowing down both mentally and physically - out of want, but also necessity, due to a couple of frustrating health concerns.  So, now that we're nearing the end of the year, I figured it could be fun to look back over some of this year's British staycations covered on A Glass Of Ice, as well as add a new one to the list before 2017 comes to a close!  Enjoy!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Passionata Lingerie Giveaway | The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Many gold layered necklaces fashion bloggerDespite the mass of unusual gift options around right now, when it comes to gift giving at Christmas, there are still a few notorious, standout options that are guaranteed to go down well.  Really, really well.  A few of the most-loved present ideas 'for her' include delicious boxes of chocolate truffles, gift-wrapped bottles of perfume, dreamy cosmetics - and of course, lingerie!  I've teamed up with Passionata to give one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win the Passionata Lulu Bralette Set in this gorgeously festive shade of red.  Whether it's a gift for you or from you, the coveted lace set could be heading in your pretty little direction sometime very, very soon...

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

4 Unusual Ways To Prepare For December

Foraging for Foliage at Christmas UK BloggerUntil now, I've been (kind of) holding back from mentioning the festive season in every single post, share, message and caption, but the pressure's getting too much.  I'm going to burst - and there'll be candy canes flying everywhere.  The remedy?  Discuss how best to prepare for December!  There are some obvious ways to get ready for the last month of the year: browse gift guides and start your Christmas shopping, plan festive party outfits, write Christmas cards, choose your decorations (quick question: do you prefer real or artificial trees?!) and tons more.  But how about the lesser known ways to prepare for December?  Read on, get out your novelty festive pens and start taking notes...

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Is Hygge Still A 'Thing'?

Hygge Outdoors Cosy Sheepskin SceneIn one word, YES!  So, I very much doubt the word 'Hygge' (remember? it's the Danish idea of 'cosiness') was even in our vocabulary before last Autumn.  You know, the time when the cosy concept boomed and had us all embracing chunky knits, mugs of hot chocolate and fluffy throws.  It even helped me justify my candle obsession - which, believe me when I say, is a very tricky thing to do (can't help it, I'm addicted to bergamot, amber and cinnamon scents).  It's talked about less often now, but perhaps that's because we've all successfully incorporated the Hygge lifestyle into our daily routines?  Even now, it feels like a movement that allows us to enjoy time to relax and just... be cosy!  It definitely seems as though people are more open about their downtime and sense of enjoyment when it comes to general cosiness now, at least in the online world!  Anyway, while recently spending the night in Norwich, I took the opportunity to wrap up warm, take up position on my hotel room's balcony and with a warm drink in hand, do nothing!

Oh Hygge, how I love you...

Saturday, 18 November 2017

In Praise Of The Plain Wool Coat

Zara tweed dress with pleated hem
So, you're walking along and spot a floral tapestry jacket in a shop window.  It's designed with a gorgeous print, gold thread, cropped fit and... will let you freeze to death.  Then there's the drop dead gorgeous, brightly coloured coats that we 'invest' in and then dread wearing too often in fear of outfit-repeating.  Guilty.  With this in mind, it's so great to see so many trends now working in our wardrobes' favour; teddy bear coats that actually keep you warm, shearling biker jackets that bring all the style while withstanding winter weather, and even faux furs in more neutral/wearable shades.  But what about wool coats?  They're everywhere, but tend not to catch our eye while shopping. You know the type; longer length, wool mix, no fuss, no frills.  And yet after purchasing, we end up wearing. every. damn. day.  Now that's an investment piece...

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Luxurious Secret Santa Gift Guide | John Lewis

Luxury Secret Santa Gift Ideas in the UKI've waited months and months and months for this, but the wait is finally over - we can talk about Christmas!!  Between decorations appearing in shop windows and the return of the Christmas movie and music channels, I'm more than ready to dive headfirst into the festive season.  Advanced warning: it's only going to get more intense.  To kickstart the most wonderful time of year (sorry), I've been listening to more Mariah Carey than my ears can handle (quick question: Oh Santa! or All I Want For Christmas Is You?), planning party outfits and... playing Secret Santa with John Lewis!  Alongside the gorgeous gifts picked for me by Sleek-Chic, I've put together a luxurious edit of Secret Santa gift suggestions, all of which are available to shop at John Lewis this festive season - enjoy!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Teddy Bear Coats | Cool To Be Cosy?

Navy Blue Long Teddy Bear CoatFor those of us who love curling up at home on the sofa, surrounded by candles and wearing a mass of cashmere and fleece (socks included), trends that promote cosiness are an absolute treat.  I'm prepared to go above and beyond when it comes to footwear, a love of stiletto heels and fierce designs means my pain threshold is pretty high now on that front, y'know?  But when it comes to clothes there's no compromising.  When it's freezing cold and windy, being comfortable is everything.  Hello teddy bear coats that feel as though you're being wrapped into one big, cosy hug...

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Scandinavian Prints By Desenio | Luxe For Less!

Display of Desenio Scandinavian Art Prints on WallAnyone else obsessed with home office decor?  From the stationery to the storage solutions and from the artwork to other embellishments - obsessed.  I love seeing how people approach putting a personal touch to their workplace, in particular how gorgeous the space can become without it encroaching on where you're doing actual work - which is where Desenio comes in!  You'll no doubt have heard of the Swedish brand over this past year, since they've become a massive fave of those with a soft spot for Scandinavian design (waves furiously).  I can't believe how much their art prints have transformed my desk area, and better yet - I've got a 25% discount code to share with you, scroll down for more details!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Tweed Jackets | The Old-School Chic

Styling Tweed Jacket Fashion BlogSafe to say tweed still had a pretty bad rep up until recently, but it was totally unwarranted.  Even with Chanel suits pinging to mind as soon as the word 'chic' is mentioned, the material still seemed to throw us back with negative connotations.  But then tweed jackets and mini skirts appeared everywhere (with definite Clueless vibes) - and I fell in love.  Seriously.  I'm now 100% converted to tweed jackets and nagging everyone to give one a go, because there's just something feminine and powerful about them.  Plus, they seem to work well with every occasion.  Meeting a friend?  Throw one over a knitted midi dress. Scheduled a meeting?  No problem, pair with a pussybow shirt and jeans.  Getting ready for a date?  Drape over your shoulders, the focus is on the tight-fitting velvet underneath.  Heading to the gym?  Fine, maybe not every occasion...
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