Zara tweed dress with pleated hem
So, you're walking along and spot a floral tapestry jacket in a shop window.  It's designed with a gorgeous print, gold thread, cropped fit and... will let you freeze to death.  Then there's the drop dead gorgeous, brightly coloured coats that we 'invest' in and then dread wearing too often in fear of outfit-repeating.  Guilty.  With this in mind, it's so great to see so many trends now working in our wardrobes' favour; teddy bear coats that actually keep you warm, shearling biker jackets that bring all the style while withstanding winter weather, and even faux furs in more neutral/wearable shades.  But what about wool coats?  They're everywhere, but tend not to catch our eye while shopping. You know the type; longer length, wool mix, no fuss, no frills.  And yet after purchasing, we end up wearing. every. damn. day.  Now that's an investment piece...
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Zara Black Faux Fur 3 in 1 City Bag
Fashion blog styling a khaki wool coat in winter

Coat - Zara

(spot the recurring theme...)

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Fashion Blogger styling head to toe Zara outfit
Okay, so I'm biased.  I love khaki.  But other brilliant neutral options to consider when picking a 'plain' wool coat include black, camel, brown and grey.  The type to contribute a lot to a look, without detracting from whatever else is going on with the outfit.  I've lost count of how many times I've reached for my plain wool coats, particularly the khaki Zara beauty featured in this post, as well as this timeless camel coat shared back at the beginning of Autumn.  Yeah, I'm definitely praising plain wool coats right now to whoever will listen!  They're the unsung heroes of our winter wardrobes, right?!  Thankfully, there are tons of gorgeous options around.  Short, midi, maxi.  Wool, wool-mix,  wool cashmere.  Double-breasted, belted, funnel neck, wraparound collar...

K H A K I   W O O L   C O A T S  |  U N D E R   £ 1 5 0

K H A K I   W O O L   C O A T S  |  O V E R   £ 1 5 0

Fashion blogger styling khaki wool coat in winter
O T H E R   (P L A I N)   W O O L   C O A T S  |  U N D E R   £ 1 5 0

O T H E R   (P L A I N)   W O O L   C O A T S  |  O V E R   £ 1 5 0

Zara tweed and pleated hem affordable short dress
Fashion blogger styling perfect khaki wool coat
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on wool coats in the comments below.  Do you have a favourite plain wool coat and if so, where did you pick it up from?  Let me know!

Have a fabulous weekend!  

With love,

Gabrielle x