Hygge Outdoors Cosy Sheepskin SceneIn one word, YES!  So, I very much doubt the word 'Hygge' (remember? it's the Danish idea of 'cosiness') was even in our vocabulary before last Autumn.  You know, the time when the cosy concept boomed and had us all embracing chunky knits, mugs of hot chocolate and fluffy throws.  It even helped me justify my candle obsession - which, believe me when I say, is a very tricky thing to do (can't help it, I'm addicted to bergamot, amber and cinnamon scents).  It's talked about less often now, but perhaps that's because we've all successfully incorporated the Hygge lifestyle into our daily routines?  Even now, it feels like a movement that allows us to enjoy time to relax and just... be cosy!  It definitely seems as though people are more open about their downtime and sense of enjoyment when it comes to general cosiness now, at least in the online world!  Anyway, while recently spending the night in Norwich, I took the opportunity to wrap up warm, take up position on my hotel room's balcony and with a warm drink in hand, do nothing!

Oh Hygge, how I love you...
Just Sheepskin Ladies Duchess Chocolate Brown Slippers
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Dulwich Cream Small Jewellery Box Case

Nightgown - NK iMode

Bonsoir London Grey Cashmere Cape Photoshoot
Just Sheepskin Ladies Duchess Chocolate Brown Slippers Review
Early morning and with a few hours to spare before checking out, it was the perfect opportunity to wrap up warm and head outside onto the balcony to soak up the morning sun.  Remember my love for loungewear?  Well, it's reached a whole new height thanks to this dreamy cashmere blend cape from Bonsoir of London.  The size and comfort level are particularly ideal for wrapping up in when travelling; be it snoozing on the plane, heading downstairs in your hotel for afternoon tea - or enjoying a warm morning drink on the balcony!  A beautifully cosy touch of luxury, bliss.  Speaking of comfort, my Just Sheepskin slippers arrived and my feet are now forever indebted to me.  Oh.  My.  Gosh. Tell me I'm not the only latecomer to the sheepskin slipper party?  Why haven't I tried these before?!  They're like hugs for your feet!

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Bonsoir of London Grey Cashmere Cape Fashion Blog
Bonsoir of London Luxury Cashmere Balcony Photoshoot
One year on, how are you feeling about Hygge?  Let me know if there are any particular ways you embrace the concept during these chillier months!  Also, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the loungewear featured in this post - can I get a show of hands from other loungewear lovers?!

The Norfolk Mead Hotel
Church Loke
NR12 7DN

With love,

Gabrielle x