Norfolk Mead Hotel Chanterelle RoomSpend some time here and you'll no doubt pick up on how I'm an advocate of slow living.  By this, I'm talking about a slower and more relaxed pace; live slowly, move slowly, react slowly.  I've never truly bought into the hype of fast paced living, especially when you can get just as much done (if not more) by not rushing at 1.2 million mph.  With this in mind, staycations have quickly become my best friend.  Don't get me wrong, I adore travelling abroad (with Germany next on the agenda to return to the spectacular Christmas markets!), but this year in particular I've learned to appreciate the simple staycation.  And by doing so, I've been taught an incredible lesson in slowing down both mentally and physically - out of want, but also necessity, due to a couple of frustrating health concerns.  So, now that we're nearing the end of the year, I figured it could be fun to look back over some of this year's British staycations covered on A Glass Of Ice, as well as add a new one to the list before 2017 comes to a close!  Enjoy!
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Luxury Boutique Hotel in Norfolk Travel Blogger
Last week I found myself in Norfolk for just 24 hours, staying overnight at The Norfolk Mead Hotel, a beautiful boutique hotel located a stone's throw from Norwich.  After leaving the city centre behind, you drive through narrow lanes and pass various fields and woodland to reach the 16-room hotel.  I can honestly say this was one of the most calming breaks I've experienced all year, particularly thanks to the relaxed luxury of the Chanterelle Suite, the hotel's bridal suite with double french doors leading out to a grand balcony.  The colour scheme is neutral and the bed was so comfortable it literally inspired me to order a new mattress the day after returning home!  If you happen to find yourself in Norwich anytime soon, I can't recommend The Norfolk Mead Hotel enough - it's ideal for shutting yourself away and being taught a lesson in how to take a step back, calm down and live slowly.

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The Norfolk Mead Hotel Chanterelle Suite Balcony View
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The Norfolk Mead Hotel Chanterelle Suite Room Service Breakfast
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The Norfolk Mead Hotel Bridal Suite Room Service Breakfast
Okay, time to delve into the travel section of A Glass Of Ice.  What other staycations have been ticked off the calendar this year?  Quite a few, it would seem!  If you're wondering where best to visit in 2018 to add to your list of British staycation adventures, be sure to leaf through some of the articles below for inspiration...

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Where to Stay in Norwich The Norfolk Mead Hotel
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Needless to say, staycations fall into a different category to travelling abroad and so you don't need to ditch one in favour of the other. But one thing's for sure, if you're in need of slowing down a little, staycations have got you covered.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this luxury boutique hotel, as well as how you feel on the topic of staycations - do you find them comforting?  Are you also an advocate of a slower pace of living?  Let me know in the comments below!

The Norfolk Mead Hotel
Church Loke
NR12 7DN

With love,

Gabrielle x