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Saturday, 30 December 2017

3 Life Lessons Learnt This Year

Peacock Feather Vase Interior Design
Phew!  Another year polished off.  I'm ending this year with a lovely sense of calm, as well as excitement for the year ahead.  I'll admit, I'm sitting firmly in the camp of people who love the fresh slate and new beginning that the New Year brings with it.  I know, I know, it's just a date on the calendar.  But it's also an opportunity to reflect and move forwards with a newfound sense of, I don't know... I want to say rejuvenation?  As much as I love the festive season, preparing to take down the decorations and freshening up your environment can be such a cathartic move.  It provides the perfect reason to turn a fresh eye to your social circle, habits, fitness journey and goals. The New Year is a free pass to a mental shift in a more positive direction - and what could be better than that?!  So the question is, what has 2017 taught me?

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Unconventional NYE Outfit | Tuxedo Styling

NYE All Black Dramatic Styling Tuxedo Maxi Skirt
It's that time again!  Time for glitter eyeshadow, the clinking sounds of champagne glasses and of course, never forgetting the holographic cone hats (which I'm confident won't be making any Insta appearances anytime soon).  When it comes to styling, NYE is one of my fave annual events; both to browse and shop.  At this point, I've got my eye on enough embellished party dresses to fill an entire wardrobe, and yet I keep coming back to an unconventional alternative.  The jacket-and-skirt combo.  Maxi skirt, in particular.  Tuxedo jacket, essential.  There's something both moody and romantic about the combination.  Oh, and black.  All black.  Because if you're going to welcome in a New Year and consequently bid adieu to the past year (and uh, its death), it's got to be done with a flair for the dramatic, right?!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Ralph Lauren Womens Reindeer Christmas JumperChristmas is here!  December truly is the most magical month of them all - but the true crème de la crème comes with the next trio of special days before a week of total relaxation.  For the next week or so, nothing much is expected from anyone; we're all too busy lounging around in our Christmas jumpers and pyjama trousers, watching film after film (hello Harry Potter movie marathons) and eating ridiculous amounts of roast potatoes, turkey sandwiches and chocolate.  So, in true festive spirit, wherever you're based and whoever you're spending these special days with - here's wishing you a very, very Merry Christmas!  

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Cologne Christmas Markets: The Ultimate Guide!

Heimat Der Heinzel Ice Skating Christmas Market CologneAnother year, another chilly few days in December spent in the beautiful city of Cologne with my family!  At some point, it became a tradition and one I'm very keen not to break.  As far as Christmas markets go, Germany delivers the goods.  Cologne now has a very, very special place in my heart thanks to the various Christmas markets I've seen grow and develop over recent years, as well as the memories made there.  The lights, the smells, the stalls.  The decorations, the attractions, the photo-opportunities.  The list goes on and on!  So, you have a couple of days to spend in the popular city, you're surrounded by spectacular gothic architecture and you want to immerse yourself in the famous Christmas markets you've read so much about.  But where to start?  Keeping in mind these are my personal recommendations; I've put together a guide of my favourite Christmas markets to explore in Cologne.  I've also added a few other ideas of how best to spend your time there next winter, along with some luxurious accommodation suggestions.  Enjoy!

Monday, 18 December 2017

A Love Letter To Luxe Layers

fashion blog how to layer in winter and still look chicSo here's the thing, I get cold.  Really cold and I mean really cold.  One thing's for sure, I'm not alone in this.  Despite just how ridiculously finger-numbingly, teeth-chatteringly cold I can get, for years I'd insist on wearing what I wanted, when I wanted because, y'know, fashion.  Now?  Different story.  With outerwear becoming the new focal point of styling as soon as the temperature drops, there's no reason to turn blue while out on a morning walk.  Fab.  With a pretty hefty 'saved' folder on Instagram and a lot of general browsing for inspiration, this winter I've taken my love for luxe layers to a whole new level.  Chunky knitted accessories and textured jackets have been my go-tos lately.  Once worn separately, now layered, layered and layered some more.  Oh, and never forgetting to throw in flashes of metallic accessories and popping highlight on top.  How about you?

Friday, 15 December 2017

Are You (Actually) Enjoying The Festive Season?

Countryside Fashion UK Blogger PhotoshootWith so many tasks, events, gatherings and alerts coming from all directions, it can be pretty easy to forget what this time of year is all about, right?  We're all so busy getting our decorations 'up in time', ticking gifts off our shopping lists and rushing from one get-together to the next, that at times, I'm pretty sure we're all falling into the trap of forgetting to relax.  After all, 'tis the season to be jolly, and 'tis not the season to give yourself a stress rash and constant tension headache.  Last year, I packed so much in that by the time January came around, I could barely remember half of the things I'd done the month beforehand.  This year?  A different story.  I'm just as happy to explore Christmas markets in Germany and attend festive parties, as I am putting on my softest loungewear for a night of ultra-romantic Christmas films and hot chocolate.  Four nights in a row.  So, with just 11 sleeps until Christmas Day, now is the time to ask yourself - are you actually enjoying your festive season?   

Monday, 11 December 2017

How To Create Your Own Winter Wonderland!

Amara Snow Pine Votive Holder Lifestyle BloggerOkay, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how exciting Europe's sudden influx of snow has been?!  Just when you thought December couldn't scream 'Christmas' any louder, snowflakes start falling on your shoulders!  No complaints here.  With all things festive on the mind, I've started wondering how we can bring snow into this chilly season whenever we feel like it.  You can't predict the weather, but you can predict when you'll next create your own Winter Wonderland!  Make the hot drinks, gather all the fur blankets you can find, invite over friends or family, and prepare to enjoy a private winter wonderland snow scene all of your very own making...

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide For Her | Main Gifts, Small Gifts, Stocking Fillers!

Women's Christmas Gift Guide 2017 UK BloggerThere are plenty of Christmas gift guides floating around right now - and with good reason!  Gift giving can be so much fun, but even more so when you're 100% certain the recipient is going to love their present!  Looking for inspiration?  I've cherry-picked some luxe treats in three different price categories, depending on your budget.  Whether you're wondering what to get someone as a main gift, smaller gift, or stocking filler; I've got you covered...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Add To Basket: Black Patent Boots

Fashion blogger layering military coat in winter
Patent leather, vinyl, metallic - all that shiny, shiny good stuff!  It's back and (I'm very much hoping) it's here to stay.  The days are darker, layers upon layers are hidden underneath each other and we go through stages of feeling that little bit less 'sparkly'.  But there's a remedy!  Fierce high-shine clothing and accessories can feel like a ray of sunshine on a (literal) dark day.  My current obsession?  Patent leather boots.  They instantly transform an outfit and are totally on a level with the inner confidence that comes from wearing red lipstick...

Monday, 4 December 2017

Chantelle Lingerie Mini-Lookbook | Festive Party Dress Solutions

Chantelle Lingerie Champs Elysees Sapphire December has arrived and along with it, comes more food, festive songs, fairy lights and general cheeriness than we can ask for!  Also included in the list of many things that make this time of year so special, is the events.  The parties, get-togethers and other reasons to pick up the most embellished special occasion dresses you can find.  This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times to be shopping - both as gifts for others, and for your own wardrobe!  So, with festive party dresses on the mind, how can we ensure we do that 'ridiculously perfect, drop dead gorgeous' dress justice?  Besides a killer red lip, stilettos on your feet and an hour spent styling hair... lingerie!  I've teamed up with French lingerie company, Chantelle Lingerie (a longstanding go-to and fave of mine when it comes to luxurious underwear!) to showcase three gorgeous designs that will work perfectly underneath festive party looks for a flawless fit this Christmas.  Because hey, it's what's underneath that counts...

Friday, 1 December 2017

Extra Chunky Knit Jumpers | Winter Wardrobe Hero

Autumn Winter Styling Khaki Hat Fashion BloggerHappy December!  Oh wow did the temperature drop all of a sudden!  I'm getting increasingly excited about heading over to Germany next week for the Christmas markets.  Although, this past week has reminded me of just how cold 2°C feels against your skin when the wind blows!  So, it's time to discuss all things cosy jumper related - we're talking thick, chunky knits that allow you to wear three layers underneath.  No problem.  The kind that trap the heat around your neck, cuffs and waist.  And the kind that look fabulous, but feel even better...
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