fashion blog how to layer in winter and still look chicSo here's the thing, I get cold.  Really cold and I mean really cold.  One thing's for sure, I'm not alone in this.  Despite just how ridiculously finger-numbingly, teeth-chatteringly cold I can get, for years I'd insist on wearing what I wanted, when I wanted because, y'know, fashion.  Now?  Different story.  With outerwear becoming the new focal point of styling as soon as the temperature drops, there's no reason to turn blue while out on a morning walk.  Fab.  With a pretty hefty 'saved' folder on Instagram and a lot of general browsing for inspiration, this winter I've taken my love for luxe layers to a whole new level.  Chunky knitted accessories and textured jackets have been my go-tos lately.  Once worn separately, now layered, layered and layered some more.  Oh, and never forgetting to throw in flashes of metallic accessories and popping highlight on top.  How about you?
Layering tan accessories with tan clothing
Luxe winter layering chunky knit fashion blogger
Isonia Jewellery dainty gold necklaces choker

Jacket - GAP (similar olive version)

Jumper - Mint Velvet   |   Jeans - Amisu Jeans

Watch + Bangle - Classic Petite Melrose + Classic Cuff c/o Daniel Wellington

Necklaces - Choker + Horn Necklace c/o Isonia Jewellery 

UK Fashion Blogger Luxe Layers Winter Photoshoot
Brown Luxury Sheepskin Jacket GAP
Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Melrose Watch Gold Blogger
This sheepskin jacket was a bit of an indulgence last year, though thankfully it's proven to be one hell of an investment piece!  It's pretty much been a continuous daily decision: sheepskin or teddybear coat?  I still haven't come to a decision - both styles are SO warm and cosy.  Yes to layers that keep you warm and still throw some style points your way.  Speaking of which, a couple of ways I've been keeping looks cohesive lately, includes opting for neutral chunky knits (even better if they match) and keeping things skinny on bottom. I picked up these khaki skinny jeans while in Germany last week, along with the dark grey version.  Never have I loved a holiday-purchase more than I do right now.  I refuse to ever believe skinny jeans are in the past, when they balance out heavily layered looks so well.  Also not hating how they let you wear heeled ankle boots without crumpling over the tops when you walk.  Know what I mean?!
British Countryside in Winter Luxury Property
Fashion Blogger Styling Tan Sheepskin Jacket in Winter
Okay, so back to my mention of flashes of metallic accessories.  More specifically, I'm talking gold, rose gold and copper.  Swoon.  I love how luxurious these tones can look against heavily layered outfits - and they stand out all the more for it.  With this in mind, accessories such as this watch and matching bangle go a long way in throwing some sparkle to a heavily neutral outfit.  

Use the code GLASSOFICE for 15% off at Daniel Wellington! 

This pebble choker and horn necklace (both by Isonia Jewellery) have also been a go-to duo of mine lately because of this very same reason.  A cosy countryside look instantly transformed - like highlighter for the face.  Is countryside glam a thing?  It should be a thing. 
Daniel Wellington Watch Styled With Rose Gold Bangle
I hope you had a fabulous(ly festive!) weekend.  Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this look and luxe layering in general.  Do you have any favourite go-to pieces when it comes to layering this winter?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x