Countryside Fashion UK Blogger PhotoshootWith so many tasks, events, gatherings and alerts coming from all directions, it can be pretty easy to forget what this time of year is all about, right?  We're all so busy getting our decorations 'up in time', ticking gifts off our shopping lists and rushing from one get-together to the next, that at times, I'm pretty sure we're all falling into the trap of forgetting to relax.  After all, 'tis the season to be jolly, and 'tis not the season to give yourself a stress rash and constant tension headache.  Last year, I packed so much in that by the time January came around, I could barely remember half of the things I'd done the month beforehand.  This year?  A different story.  I'm just as happy to explore Christmas markets in Germany and attend festive parties, as I am putting on my softest loungewear for a night of ultra-romantic Christmas films and hot chocolate.  Four nights in a row.  So, with just 11 sleeps until Christmas Day, now is the time to ask yourself - are you actually enjoying your festive season?   
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The best way of determining whether or not you need to switch things up, is to weigh up the following two: What you need to do vs. What you want to do.  If your entire December has been a long series of one chore after the next, it's time to put on some freakin' Christmas music, festive pyjamas and I don't know... bake some mince pies, or something!  Okay, a few quick-fire ways to get your Christmas back on track.  And by that, I mean back on your track:

Manage expectations - you can't do everything, try to cherry-pick the events/gatherings that make you feel the most jolly! (sorry).  On the other end of the scale, if you haven't been getting out much, hunt down an illuminated walk, some Christmas markets or perhaps even just wander out to explore the lights.  Whatever makes you feel good.

Turn up the music - is it just me, or do those classic Christmas tunes have a funny way of making you feel as though you're making the most of the season?

Get ahead of the game - because nothing screams Grinch! quite like working until midnight on Christmas Eve.  Decide now when you're going to completely switch off, at the very least it'll give you something to look forward to!

Schedule sofa nights - choose your poison (mulled wine? hot chocolate?), line-up some festive films, dive under the blankets and relaaaaax

Get close to loved ones - the quickest route to making your festive season more enjoyable 


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UK Fashion blogger Countryside StylingOkay, so one of my all-time favourite things to do during the winter is head out on countryside walks.  Actually, scrap that.  It's one of my all-time favourite things to do at any time of the year!  Right now, I'm loving layers, layers and more layers.  This black trench has been one of my go-tos this past season, I've learnt there's truly no going wrong with a Burberry scarf and yes to a 3-in-1 City Bag that has the Mary Poppins effect.  You know the type; looks as though it'd only fit a pack of Wine Gums, but actually fits your essentials, on-the-go beauty faves, plus a couple of cosy accessories, journal, hairbrush and entire book collection.

B L A C K   T R E N C H   C O A T S


C H E C K   S C A R V E S

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UK Fashion Blogger Countryside Style PhotoshootI hope you're all having the most incredible Christmas!  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below - are you actually enjoying your festive season so far?  Or do you plan on slowing things down over the next couple of weeks?!

With love,

Gabrielle x