Autumn Winter Styling Khaki Hat Fashion BloggerHappy December!  Oh wow did the temperature drop all of a sudden!  I'm getting increasingly excited about heading over to Germany next week for the Christmas markets.  Although, this past week has reminded me of just how cold 2°C feels against your skin when the wind blows!  So, it's time to discuss all things cosy jumper related - we're talking thick, chunky knits that allow you to wear three layers underneath.  No problem.  The kind that trap the heat around your neck, cuffs and waist.  And the kind that look fabulous, but feel even better...

Grey embellished studded jeans frayed denim ankles
Daniel Wellington Rose Gold White Classic Petite Bondi 32mm Blogger
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Jeans - H&M 

Watch - Classic Petite Bondi 32mm c/o Daniel Wellington
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O T H E R   S K Y - H I G H   S T I L E T T O S   B Y   L O S T   I N K

Grey denim jeans embellished studded black diamante
Extra chunky knit winter jumper fashion blog styling
Winter chunky knit Reiss Jemima womens jumper
Fashion blog styling extra chunky knit Reiss Jemima Jumper
I'll be the first to admit to spending that little bit more on jumpers, because it's very easy to justify them keeping you warm.  Y'know, surviving and all that.  But when it comes to knitwear, I genuinely do feel as though it can be a case of 'you get what you pay for'.  So, a few factors in particular feature high on the chunky knitted jumper lust-list:

T R A P   T H E   H E A T

N O   I T C H

G O O D   L E N G T H

' A C T U A L L Y '   C H U N K Y

Some points more obvious than others, it would seem.  Why the last one?  Because how many times have you ordered a chunky knit jumper online, only for it to arrive and turn out to be flatter than a finished pack of crisps?!  Nope, no thank you.  The kind to look out for this winter are those that you can squeeze in between your hands and still be no closer to your fingers meeting.  I've also mentioned length, but your ideal length depends entirely on your preference.  Personally, I usually wear high waisted jeans and so a slightly shorter length of jumper suits best.  However, keep longer lengths in mind if you're heading somewhere cold (ahem, German Christmas markets) and need some longer length options to keep your hips warm underneath a coat.  Ooh, cosy....
H&M Grey Black Diamante Stud Embellished Denim Jeans

C H U N K Y   K N I T   J U M P E R S   U N D E R   £ 1 0 0


C H U N K Y   K N I T   J U M P E R S   U N D E R   £ 2 0 0


C H U N K Y   K N I T   J U M P E R S   O V E R   £ 2 0 0


Daniel Wellington White Rose Gold Bondi Classic Petite 32mm review
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A mega-fan of extra thick jumpers?  What do you lookout for when buying chunky knit jumpers?  Or maybe you just can't wait for winter to end?  Either way, let me know in the comments below!

Hope December is a fabulously festive month for you all, and treats you very, very kindly...

With love,

Gabrielle x