Amara Snow Pine Votive Holder Lifestyle BloggerOkay, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how exciting Europe's sudden influx of snow has been?!  Just when you thought December couldn't scream 'Christmas' any louder, snowflakes start falling on your shoulders!  No complaints here.  With all things festive on the mind, I've started wondering how we can bring snow into this chilly season whenever we feel like it.  You can't predict the weather, but you can predict when you'll next create your own Winter Wonderland!  Make the hot drinks, gather all the fur blankets you can find, invite over friends or family, and prepare to enjoy a private winter wonderland snow scene all of your very own making...
How to Create your Own Winter Wonderland Scene
Pine Votive Covered in Fake Snow
Crew Grey White Fairisle Fleece Mittens

F A U X   F U R   T H R O W S   &   S H E E P S K I N S

First things first, blankets!  Because let's face it, as much as we all swoon over news of dropping temperatures and the sight of snow, we don't actually want to fully experience it.  We want to be cosy, wrapped up in cashmere loungewear and layers upon layers of fur throws and sheepskin, right?!  These sheepskins have been with me for a couple of years now, though the Helen Moore Comforter via Amara Living is a new addition to the scene.  Aptly named 'Aspen', the grey shade lends itself to the cold-yet-cosy concept of a Winter Wonderland.  I'll admit, I can feel a slight obsession with Helen Moore's luxurious faux furs developing here...  

Psst!  Keep a basket of extra blankets nearby and handy, ready for everyone to wrap up warm in when the temperature drops!

Fur and Leather Basket of Pine Cones
Winter Wonderland Cosy Patio Scene
Helen Moore Grey Comforter Throw Amara
Crew Clothing Grey White Fleece Lined Mittens

C O S Y   A C C E S S O R I E S

Ah, any excuse to add more winter accessories to my collection.  Having recently bought, styled and fallen in love with an Oatmeal Chunky Cable Knit Hat, I popped back over to Mint Velvet and discovered this Apricot Pom Pom Hat.  At this point, I have no willpower against pom poms.  Seriously, none.  In fact, I've even got my eye on the raspberry version too!  We also need to talk about mittens.  No really, bear with me on this one because for anyone else with terrible circulation, they're a godsend!  Having tried thermal gloves of every kind (even self-heating gloves!), to my surprise it's been these Crew Clothing Snowflake Mittens that have actually kept my fingers warm - even in Cologne's subzero temperatures last week!  They're fleece-lined and literally feel like hugs to the hands.  Try them.   


Ohhh, loungewear.  My best friend, my love.  We've already established I'm an advocate of slow living, and so it probably won't come as a surprise to know I'm also a loungewear obsessive.  The softer, the better!  This grey set comprises White Stuff's Cosy Marl Top and Cosy Marl Pant, both super soft and just as ideal for wearing to bed, as they are to wear as loungewear.  The red velvet details are subtle and all the more beautiful for it.  Hmm, think I've just persuaded myself to make this set my cosy lounge-around-watching-festive-films Christmas Eve outfit this year...

White Stuff Grey Cosy Marl Top Pant Loungewear Set
Amara Christmas Lifestyle Blogger Collaboration 2017
How to create your own winter wonderland scene on patio
Pine Cones Dropped Into Fur Basket

T H E M E D   A C C E S S O R I E S

Okay, onto the serious stuff.  What does it really take to create a Winter Wonderland scene in your very own garden?  First of all, the closer to your home, the better.  That way, you can dip indoors whenever needed; for extra flasks of hot chocolate, to fetch more blankets - or to answer the door to more guests without freezing outside of your blankets for long!  Bring any outdoor furniture you have into a nest and try to cover as much of it as possible with fur throws, blankets, or even old duvets you no longer use.  Got a spare basket or two?  Fab!  Fill them with fir cones, logs and other things that make Scandinavian Christmas scenes spring to mind.  Better yet, find a large centrepiece to make the focus of your Winter Wonderland setting.  I've used this spectacular Snow Pine Votive Holder c/o Amara Living, which although is now sold out (no surprise there!) is still available in Flock Pine Wreath form.  Speaking of which, Amara is the ultimate destination for festive homeware treats this season - just take a peek at their wreaths and garlands!  Perfect.


Ahem, I own more candles than I care to admit to.  Thankfully, this Snow Pine Votive Holder lends itself to getting out the matches!  If there's a strong breeze, you could also consider candles placed inside lanterns of varying heights, or string up weatherproof fairy lights around your setting - can you imagine how cosy the atmosphere would be?!  
Cosy Grey Winter Loungewear Fashion Blogger
Lighting Luxurious Candles with Matches

B E F O R E   Y O U   G O 

A few final thoughts before you disappear to brainstorm your very own Winter Wonderland scene.  Firstly, don't skimp on the snacks and warm drinks.  A few fabulous options include mulled wine, hot chocolate with amaretto and gluhwein.  Better yet?  Invest in a fire pit and go scare a sales assistant with how many marshmallows you're buying.  Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser at your private Winter Wonderland themed gathering.  Secondly, if your patio flows out from a large space, you could set up a projector screen and enjoy a festive film night on a big scale.  Garden privacy screens (check out IKEA) lined up around your setting will also help keep the breeze at bay.  And finally?  If you happen to have a freestanding patio heater to hand, for the love of God use it!
Luxury Wrapped Grey and Gold Gifts Presents
Everywhere you look right now is Winter Wonderland themed thanks to the snow.  Dreamy.  And there's no need to feel sad about it melting when you can create a snowy scene in your very own outdoor space, anytime you feel like it!  It's the perfect excuse to invite a few people over and indulge in the season.  So looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this post.  Love the theme, snow and everything winter related?  Or can't wait for it all to end?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x