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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

5 Reasons To Book A Hotel Staycation This Month

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I absolutely adore the sense of camaraderie (particularly online) when it comes to hitting the ground running at this time of year; sharing dreams and setting goals.  However (and it's a big however), I'm also pretty sure we're going to need many incentives along the road to keep the motivation at this sky-high level!  I'll admit, I've got it pretty easy on this front as one of my main goals this year is to reach a whole other level of calm through mindfulness and learning how to truly relax  - so you won't catch me whipping myself.  But regardless of whether you're going full steam ahead, or learning how to take a step back, there's something we can all relate to - holidays!  So, you're looking into booking a staycation (probably, I mean this is January), why should you ditch the cosy cottage, quirky glamping experience and budget options this month, all in favour of a chic hotel staycation?
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It's January and you're pushing yourself forwards like an absolute trooper.  You're ticking item after item off your to-do list, juggling more emails than your brain can process and all while trying to keep a closer eye on your health (and how many biscuits you're eating). You deserve the luxury of a few care-free nights away, for sure.  But the question is, why choose to staycation in a hotel?

S A V E   M O N E Y 

Okay, bear with me on this one.  January is notorious for hotel deals appearing left, right and centre.  So if you fancy a complimentary spa treatment, bottle of something lovely or even an extra night added to your stay, now is the time to book!  Besides, it'll probably end up costing the price of a late-night online shopping spree you splurge on to cheer yourself up (because you're not on a staycation).  Seize the moment, carpe diem etc. etc. etc.

D R E S S   U P 

Pouring with rain?  No problem.  Mile-high stilettos?  No problem.  The beauty of a hotel staycation lies in the dress code (and other things, sure).  You can wear the Louboutins you struggle to walk in without holding someone's arm and the controlled heating means you can wear your new favourite strapless dress in the middle of winter  

N O   C O O K I N G

Ah, bliss.  Dial down and have dinner brought up to you while you watch a film, and enjoy breakfast in bed surrounded by pristine sheets and your fave magazine

Lounge Library Bar at The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge
The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge Library Area
The Tamburlaine Hotel 1st Floor Library Lounge Kitchen Area

T H E   F A C I L I T I E S 

The chances are, you don't want to completely ditch your New Year goals while away for a couple of nights, which is where hotel facilities come into play.  Take the lift down to the gym, enjoy a facial afterwards or have your nails spruced up and then head to the lounge to speed through some emails.  And then?  It's time to head back to your hotel room because those cartoons won't watch themselves!

L I M I T E D   P L A N N I N G   R E Q U I R E D

There's little need for a pre-planned itinerary, especially when hotel reception is likely to know all of the best local spots for dining, shopping and exploring!  Better yet, enlist the help of your hotel's concierge to book your plans and then all that remains is to have a dreamy bubble bath and prepare for your night out...

Library Lounge at The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge
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''A staycation is a holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad'' 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on staycations, especially those spent in hotels.  Have you ever stayed more than one night in a hotel 'just for the sake of it'?  Let me know in the comments below!

With love,

Gabrielle x



  1. Yes, yes, yes to all of the above!! This post appeals to me on every level! I've felt like an absolute zombie this past week, it's exhausting! Get me to this hotel now! You're looking absolutely gorgeous in this outfit too, no need for you to go too hard at the gym :)
    Jaz xoxo

  2. Staycations are wonderful as they don't require as much planning as oversee stays and there are so many great places all over the UK!

    Miriam x

  3. You are truly the perfect advocate for hotel staycations Gabrielle! I personally loved hotel staycations when I still lived in the Philippines - with hotels being 5 star resorts with a few swimming pools and a beach.. ahhh that's the life!

  4. Hi Gabby, I must say your post is very timely. I was contemplating a UK hotel stay but now I am definitely off to find a cosy little number in Edinburgh or maybe Manchester...hmmm


  5. Incentives, YES. This looks like a lovely little getaway. You're making me wish I had a nice hotel anywhere near me lol! These photos are gorgeous, of course, as always. So elegant!

  6. Given that I'm currently experiencing my first winter at this time of year, I totally agree that if it's within your means then a little weekend break can work wonders at keeping you motivated and keeping your spirits up when the weather is so rubbish. Some friends and my boyfriend and I are actually going away to a cottage this weekend, so while it's not a hotel I'm still really excited about it!

  7. Girl can we talk about how amazing you look in these photos?! You've got my sorely tempted to book a lil staycation now, I'm thinking a hotel with a spa...
    Amy xx

  8. No cooking is probably my favorite reason!

  9. A staycation sounds perfect right about now!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. Great post, Gabrielle! Love these pictures and make me want to book a hotel staycation now! x

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  11. I havent been on a hotel staycation in YEARS but this made me want to book one so so much. Unfortunately the bank account is very much depleted right now butttt...maybe February?! I love that you can dress up for dinner without having to worry about being cold or having to walk around a lot! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  12. I definitely plan on doing few staycation this year. I do deserve it. Nothing fancy though. I'm not trying to break the bank! Ha!! Great shots and you got great points.

  13. My husband and I have talked about doing a hotel staycation for the longest time and you've totally convinced me that we just need to go ahead and book one already Gabrielle! You look smashing btw!

  14. I have never done a staycation but might do it for my husband's 50th birthday this year! It will be a surprise and I think he'll love it.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  15. Oh wow, I've never really considered a staycation but this post may just have twisted my arm! You look so elegant, and I'm so on board with wearing an outfit that won't look impractical when you're hobbling down a street you don't know in icy weather!

    // xx

  16. okay these are really good reasons to book a staycation.
    Wonder Cottage

  17. I'm all for staycations, I've been doing them for years and my experiences have always been extremely positive. My staycations most often don't involve staying at hotels (sometimes it was motels, sometimes apartments and sometimes a friend's house) but I do agree that there is something about a hotel experience that makes it special. It can be the perfect way to spoil ourselves a little. Plus, one can take advantage of various spa & relax options, not to mention the room service.

    You do look so gorgeous. That floral dress is fabulous and I do love your heels. Such a great look. You're right btw! When we're staying in a hotel, we can really take advantage of the heating and wear all the sandals with high heels that we want to.

    I totally agree with you that this whole new year, new life philosophy can be a very positive one, and I love how everyone is being more understanding & encouraging (or so it seems to me) not only with themselves but with others as well. Getting a move on, being more productive is wonderful, yet sometimes we might not only want a break but really need one.

  18. You look stunning in these photos! And I love a good staycation, donned with a little bit of R&R!

  19. very good post.

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  20. I can get excited in staycation even if only for one night. Your reasons are on point, I love the idea that I don't have to cook dinner and the breakfast will be a yummy spread. Nice of you to come up with this post and yes on January, why not :)

  21. I've been meaning to do this more. I have a friend who is constantly doing this lately and I am so envious hahaha. I think we all need to learn how to appreciate what is in our own backyards


  22. I would love to try this idea of staycation in a hotel! I can imagine it must be very relaxing since you don't have to worry about anything!

    Amazing photos as always Gabrielle!:)


    Seize your Style

  23. It really looks very interesting!!i must say you look gorgeous , love your hair. Great post.

  24. I have had staycations for birthdays, as both Mr. Locas and mine are in the colder seasons we like to take advantage of that luxury.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  25. You are looking stunning - this is absolutely beautiful!!! I love staying in hotels, there's something which is so relaxing and allows you to get away from things without a lot of effort and staying in the same country is something which a lot of people don't do so it's good to see this!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead lovely and I can't wait to see more!

    Layla xx

  26. You've totally convinced me! Sounds like a fabulous idea to me!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  27. You look gorgeous in this dress, and what a beautiful place. I've had staycations mostly on my birthdays.

    Nina's Style Blog

  28. I've never done this before but it is something that is on my bucket list for an anniversary or something. You look lovely!

    Corinne x

  29. The photos are beautiful, and you have a stunning hair ...

  30. These photos are gorgeous, lady! I'm loving your hair in that braid. Staycations sound lovely, especially this time of year, although this has me wishing there was an elegant hotel a little closer to me LOL.

    Kathryn •

  31. Love staycations Just had mine over the festive seasons. Wonderful photos and your style is glamorous as always. xoxo Cris

  32. Your pictures are beautiful and have I told you I love the way you flip your hair to the side in your photos. Speaking of hotel staycations I'm one of those people. I absolutely love being spoiled and dressing up indoors, though sometimes I could overdo it. My fav should be the spa visits and yes it's amazing what prices you could get away with in January. Stunning photos

  33. I do love hotel staycation sometimes especially on Holidays where I don't want to cook hahaha!

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  34. i had my first staycation ever last december and it was worth it!
    style frontier

  35. My mom is the queen of staycations! She books a fancy room in Denver, then goes shopping all day at Cherry Creek mall, and then relaxes the night away in her hotel. I really need to follow her lead!
    Ben and I did a semi staycation last weekend. We hit up our fave (Vegas), which is close enough to be affordable, especially with the killer deal we got on the room. It's just SO re-energizing to stay a couple of nights at a fun hotel where you don't have to worry about chores, dishes, meal prep, or anything else but fun!
    I fully believe that self-care = indulging like this :).

    Susie |

  36. Love the dress you're wearing in these pics! :)

    A staycation is such a good idea. The problem here is that it's summer holidays so everywhere is booked out, haha! We did think about booking into somewhere for a few days after Christmas but left it a little late and there was nowhere available. Maybe another time later in the year! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! Another extreme weather weekend here. So hot, we are staying near the air conditioner.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  37. Ohhhh man, I wish I could!!!! Looks heavenly! -

  38. I love a good staycation! You have convinced to organize something very soon, by the way you look fab Gabrielle! x

    Naya //

  39. I love the idea of a hotel staycation! This actually sounds incredible. Often hotels are associated with a place you just sleep and shower while going out and exploring. This idea of keeping everything inside the hotel and allowing yourself to relax at a different setting is incredible! Awesome post!

  40. Yes to all of these <3 need to pamper yourself every now and then and just relax!

  41. Yaaaaaas, hun!!!
    I've never been in a hotel staycation, but you definitely convinced me!
    Sounds so realxing and comfy, and still with that hint of luxury that you wanna find in an hotel!
    Amazing photos, as usual!
    Have a lovely week end, dear!

  42. Such a lovely idea to do in January actually - no cooking and cleaning is always a win!

  43. you look amazing in that dress! thanks for the tips those are really useful!
    Please visit my Blog!
    Alessa Bernal

  44. Yeah,no cooking is a great idea :D Beautiful place,you look awesome ❤

  45. Yessss, all about taking a bit of vacation from cooking every day. Sounds like something I need to book right now LOL!
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  46. Great post! You've inspired me to look into a staycation!

    April xx


  47. How is it that your photographs are always insanely gorgeous, even when they're just of a chair and desk? It's such a skill, I'm slightly jealous haha. Can I ask what you use to edit? I'm just using photoshop and the default programme on my mac, but lowkey want to invest in Lightroom or something better.

    The first one is definitely one of the best facts, I spend 150 pounds whilst out shopping the other day - in just one store. I would definitely save a bunch of $$$ if I stayed in a hotel instead haha.

    The facilities also sound great, I'd love to just spend a day getting pampered, going to the gym, and just taking time out for me. I remember staying in Hastings for a couple nights, and it was honestly one of the most relaxing things, especially since I could sit back in their massive bathtub with endless supplies of bubble bath lol.

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks so much for your kind words - you've made my day! I use Lightroom to edit my photos. I'll actually soon be offering a lightroom editing service for other bloggers, so that could perhaps be a good way to test out how a few of your photos could look with that style of editing, before investing in the software :)

      Gabrielle x

  48. Your photos are always so beautiful and you look lovely as always!! I really want to go on a staycation now! :) xx

  49. I have never been on a staycation but your post convinced me to book one soon. I love the 'no cooking point' ;)

    Her Style Hive

  50. Stay cations are definitely the way forward for even saving a bit of money whilst pampering yourself! I love the hotel Gabrielle, you look absolutely stunning! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Serene xoxo

  51. Ive been noticing the prices are truly amazing this time of year! It's the best time to plan for one. Staycations are always nice.

  52. This looks absolutely perfect, I could do with a hotel staycation myself x

  53. Looking absolutely gorgeous as ever out there dear. I really love the style of your photos. It's like I'm looking at a high-fashin magazine. And I say yes to staycation!

    Jessica |

  54. Lovely idea! Staycations are a great alternative to big vacations! They're definitely much easier to plan and are usually way cheaper too.

    Simply Lovebirds

  55. Non c'รจ niente di meglio di una vacanza per rilassarci.

  56. What a great post and I'm with you on booking a staycation, I love them so much! It's so exciting to get glammed up and get away for the weekend, and here's hoping for many in 2018, I love to travel and explore new places :)

    Room service is a must, I always insist on breakfast in bed so I can put on my PJ's and enjoy pancakes a-la-carte from a-la-room :)

    Here's to travelling adventures in 2018!

    Laura xo

  57. I love staycations... I'm currently trying to think of places to go! :D


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