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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Modelling For Bridal Indulgence | One Dress, Eight Looks (And More!)

White lace bridal top and skirt
Well, this is something new!  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I was asked to model bridalwear for Bridal Indulgence earlier in the month and at a pretty dreamy location.  I think I speak for everyone when I say there's something very attractive about all things bridal related; it's romantic and gentle.  With this in mind, I've been really looking forward to sharing some of the images from the shoot here on A Glass Of Ice!  The theme?  One dress, eight looks.  Oh, along with a couple of other breathtakingly beautiful dresses that look as though they belong in fairytales...

All photography shown in this post is by Mercedes Evans Photography and Bridget Baxter Photography.  
Finishing edit by yours truly.

Bridal Photoshoot Makeup Being Done BTSBefore we get stuck into Bridal Indulgence's genius styling of just one dress in a multitude of different ways, I have to confess something.  I've never worn false lashes before.  I know, insane.  Lesson learnt though, thanks to CJ Beauty & Co.  I'm used to wearing more natural-looking makeup (usually somewhere on the scale of 'no makeup' makeup), which made this a refreshing change.  The eyes were probably my fave aspect on that front.  Loved adored it.  Right, onto the bridal outfits!    


L O O K   O N E

The Caspia gown by Willowby was used by Bridal Indulgence to showcase the eight looks, and then accessorised with five different bridal accessories.  It's incredible how much you can alter the gown's classic appearance by simply adding and subtracting different accessories.  Blown away.  Having said that, it's also pretty lovely all on its own, thanks to the Georgette Poly over Stretch Satin Lining... Bridal Makeup Ideas for very fair skin
Willowby Caspia Gown Bridal Photoshoot


L O O K   T W O

Be still my beating heart.  Anyone else have a thing for super long veils?  This full-length veil is embellished with sparkles and looks as though it was made for the Caspia gown.   The outcome is gorgeously dramatic and although there's no wedding for me on the horizon, it's definitely confirmed I'll be wearing a full-length veil when the time comes!
Wedding Full Length Super Long Bridal Veil
Green Fingers Florist Bridal Bouquet


L O O K   T H R E E

I really love the next part of Bridal Indulgence's eight-step concept.  The addition of a belt around the waist breaks up the material, giving it a whooole other look.  This wide, intricate belt is from the Wtoo collection.    
Bridalwear Wtoo Embellished Belt

L O O K S   F O U R   &   F I V E

This is my absolute favourite part.  Or more to the point, Step Five is my favourite part.  Step four sees the addition of the dreamiest straps from Watters to the dress.  The multi-strand design sits somewhere between boho and glamour, the perfect combination! They're a gorgeous way of quickly transforming a bridal gown for the evening, such a simple and yet high impact idea.  But like I said, Step Five has stolen my heart, because it also sees the addition of the full overskirt.  This is the Windsor overskirt by Wtoo, delivering serious romance.
Bridal Indulgence Wtoo Windsor Overskirt


L O O K   S I X

Wave goodbye to the straps and say hello to a beautiful belt from the Willowby collection, also available at Bridal Indulgence.  This belt is thinner than the one seen in Step Three and goes a long way in helping to show how voluminous the overskirt is.  Dreamy.  I especially love how this thinner belt seems to balance out the dainty hair accessories.
Willowby Collection Bridal Belts Stockist
Wedding Dresses and Accessories at Bridal Indulgence


L O O K   S E V E N

See what I mean?  Each step completely transforms the Caspia gown!  Look Seven involves the removal of the embellished belt and addition of a delicate lace bolero.  This one is from the Wtoo collection.  The combination of lace and tulle is beautifully gentle and demure.  I'll admit, it did spring to mind how handy this would be if you needed a quick-fix for sunburnt shoulders at a summer wedding...
Layering Lace Bolero Over Bridal Gown Wedding Dress
Bridal White Lace Bolero Top for Wedding

L O O K   E I G H T 

Last but not least, look number eight.  The final step sees the gorgeous overskirt removed, revealing the sleek silhouette of the Caspia gown.  Ta-dah!  
How to Style Bridal Lace Bolero at Wedding
Green Fingers Florist Colourful Bridal Bouquet

B R I D A L   S E P A R A T E S

Bridal Indulgence also opened my eyes to how separates can work beautifully on your special day.  Similar to the concept of One Dress, Eight Looks, a combination of separates allows you to swap layers and accessories to transform your look throughout the day.  I don't think I've ever been so in love with lace before!
Styling Bridal Separates Lace and Tulle
Bridal Styling Undo With Very Long Hair
Bridal Bouquet by Green Fingers Florist
Bridal Wedding Model Blogger in Hampshire
Bridal Wedding Photoshoot at Barnett Hill Hotel


T H E   D A R I N G   O N E

And finally, ending with the most daring of all the looks!  The plunging neckline on this gown is pretty eyebrow-raising, but combine with the delicate beaded lace and embroidered tulle and the overall look remains totally appropriate.  In fact, I love this look so much that I've cherry-picked a few other photos from the shoot showing a bit more of the location (as shown over on Instagram) to share with you a little later in the month!  
Deep plunge Neckline Beaded Embroidered Wedding Dress
Hampshire Bridal Wedding Photoshoot Hotel
Green Fingers Florist Bouquet Bridal Photoshoot
Bridal Bouquet by Green Fingers Florist
Bridal Photoshoot Luxury Hotel Hampshire Surrey
I'm still in awe of how eight looks can be created using different accessories on the same dress.  Having said that, I'm also wishing we could swan around in bridal separates and plunging-neckine wedding dresses on a daily basis!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts on these bridal looks by Bridal Indulgence - let me know in the comments below!

Psst!  A better look at the final dress in action ('The Daring One') will be coming soon to the blog, showing a little more of the location... 

Barnett Hill Hotel
Blackheath Lane

With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Bridal Indulgence for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts are my own!



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