Classic Beige Trench Coat Spring 2018
Yes!  Although, were they ever actually off trend?  You know what, who cares?!  We won't get weighed down with the details. Ultimately, trench coats are here to stay and have been since circa, uh, 411 BC (or something).  They're timeless, chic and go a long way in helping you look as though you mean business.  In short, a trench coat is an investment piece for your wardrobe - especially considering at least once a year, we're told they're back 'on trend'.  No complaints here!  Although, when they're discussed, it's very rarely with a focus on the traditional, timeless trench coat that will actually serve you for years to come, and instead delivered with a focus on 'trending' trench coats.  I mean; asymmetrical hemlines, quirky fringing embellishment and wild colour combos.  All of which are gorgeous, but will you still love them next year, the year after or the year after that?  Hmm...
Zara Faux Fur Black 3 in 1 City Bag
Chic Trench Coat Workwear Styling London Blogger
Personally, I feel as though the beauty of a trench coat lies in its versatility.  You can dress it up or down; down with denim and the current ugly trainer trend (no thanks) or pointed flats, and up with heels, slick of lipstick and nude tights.  You can push towards cool minimalist vibes, or go in the opposite direction and look meeting-ready.  I've opted for a high ponytail and polo neck to keep the look chic, and kept accessories to a minimum.  Another thing to love about a classic trench coat, is its ability to work well with various colours, prints and textures.  By investing in a neutral shade (such as black, stone, caramel or grey), you leave the door open to thousands of styling options, come wind, rain or shine.  But probably not snow, best dig out the puffer jacket for that one...
Astley Clarke Gold Lighting Bold Necklace
How to Style a Classic Trench Coat For Spring 2018


Trench Coat - Jaeger  (also available in a shorter version)

Bag - Zara

Shoes - LK Bennett

Jumper - Oasis (perfect tight fit!)


LK Bennett Leopard Print Pointed Court Shoes
Are Trench Coats Back on Trend Spring 2018 Fashion Blog
Alright, so we've established I have an overwhelming amount of love for classic, timeless trench coats.  But what are your thoughts?  Do you have a trench coat hanging in your wardrobe right now, and if so, what does it look like?  Let me know in the comments below!

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