How to Style Evening Shoes for Daytime
So, last night I saw Kinky Boots at the theatre and oh my gosh, it was hands down my favourite musical of all time!  Okay fine, maybe it's tied with Phantom of the Opera.  Who knows, I keep changing my mind.  Anyway, I loved the strong message of acceptance running throughout the musical, and perhaps even as much as I adored the constant focus on heels.  More to the point, high heels.  Ahem, to quote Kinky Boots' Sex Is In The Heel, ''Jack it up 'cause I'm no flat tire, mack it up six inches higher.''  Those words spoke to me on a spiritual level.  I'm kidding (kind of).  So much has my love for stilettos grown, that I adore wearing them whenever possible during daylight hours.  Why keep your most gorgeous heels for when the sun has set?  They need to be on show!  With the resurgence of interest in Manolo Blahnik embellished pumps, of late they can be seen styled with jeans and jumpers, dresses, jumpsuits and more. Why?  Because they're too gorgeous to be hiding away in their shoe boxes, waiting for that 'special occasion'.  It's time to peel back the tissue paper, head out in daylight hours and strut, strut, strut...  
Zara Black Faux Fur City Bag Strap
Styling The Colour Teal in Winter
Lost Ink Ally Turquoise Stiletto Heels
But they look so out of place!  I hear you.  Needless to say, there's a time and a place for wearing your fanciest evening shoes during the day.  A city meeting?  Fab.  Drinks with the girls?  Fab.  Picking up a pint of milk down a cobbled lane?  Not so fab.  Right now, I keep the style of dressing down evening shoes to work or social meetings and only when the weather is guaranteed not to disappoint.  I adore how evening stilettos look when styled with cashmere and denim.  Casual is key.  The evening shoes can steal the spotlight, while the rest of the outfit sets out to complement them.  Personally, I always opt to wear crossbody handbags when wearing evening shoes during the day, as it adds a further casual vibe to the look.  Swooooon.  So, a few takeaways for when you next try dressing down evening shoes for the daytime:


T H E R E ' S   A   T I M E   A N D   P L A C E

C H E C K   T H E   W E A T H E R

P A I R   W I T H   D E N I M

K E E P   O T H E R   A C C E S S O R I E S   C A S U A L

L E T   T H E   S H O E S   S T E A L   T H E   S P O T L I G H T 


Styling Cashmere Teal Jumper in Winter
Dressing Down Evening Shoes for Daytime


Jumper - Johnstons of Elgin

Jeans - H&M (similar)

Bag - Zara  |   Hat - Mint Velvet (on sale!)

Shoes - Lost Ink


E V E N I N G   S H O E S


Lost Ink Ally Turquoise Heelsl photos
Dressing Down Evening Shoes for Casualwear in Winter
Have you ever tried dressing down evening shoes for the daytime?  Would you consider trying it now?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!  Have a fabulous weekend!

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With love,

Gabrielle x