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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Instagram Guide To Cheltenham | Picture-Perfect Areas

Cheltenham Grand Regency Buildings in Sunshine
If you've been following along via Instagram, you'll know I travelled to Cheltenham last week for a mini staycation!  Having only ever visited once before, I knew I was in for an absolute treat.  I mean, I'm pretty sure I froze to death at one point, but the risk of hypothermia aside, the trip was everything I'd hoped for.  The hours were filled with stunning grand regency architecture, delicious food, shopping and hundreds of picture-perfect moments that scream 'Instagram me!'.  With that in mind, I've put together a little Instagram guide pointing you in the right direction, should you find yourself in the area anytime soon...

G R A N D   R E G E N C Y   A R C H I T E C T U R E

The architecture killed me.  Seriously.  Can you imagine having the grand regency buildings on your doorstep, let alone living in them?! Definitely noted for future reference, that's for sure.  Luxurious shops as well as smaller boutiques are enveloped in historic architecture.  The very best can be found within the Montpellier District; lined with places to shop, eat and enjoy a warm drink (ahem, hello Instagram).  While visiting, I headed to the relaxed ambience of Café Rouge for dinner, a reliable familiar.  My favourite dish I recognised, but not the fabulous exterior (see below).  Like I said, literally everywhere in this particular area  is enveloped in beauty!

Psst!  If you're shooting outfits, slip down any of the pavements off the busy central area and you'll find tons of secluded spots outside regency buildings.  Swoon...
Famous Lanes of Shops in Cheltenham
Red British Telephone Boxes Cheltenham
Cafe Rouge Historic Building in Cheltenham
Historic Grand Regency Architecture Cheltenham


T H E   N E P T U N E   F O U N T A I N

Oh.  Where's the water?!  Hmm, sadly at this time of year you won't be able to see Cheltenham's famous Neptune Fountain in its full glory.  Although, it's given me the perfect excuse to return when the weather is warmer!  It's beautifully clean considering it was built in 1893 and is also said to have been modelled on Trevi Fountain in Rome - which you can see, for sure.

Psst!  If you like this, you'll also like The Town Hall's exterior, a 2 minute walk away.  The grand symmetrical entrance ticks all the right boxes for Instagram.
The Neptune Fountain Cheltenham Without Water


P I T T V I L L E   P U M P   R O O M

This famous location takes about 8 minutes (2 miles) to reach from Imperial Square by car, and a fair bit longer if you plan on walking. Pittville Pump Room was the last and largest of the spa buildings to be built in Cheltenham and so I suppose they saved the best until last!  The architecture within is said to be just as spectacular as the exterior, although you'll have to see it for yourself as a ballroom dancing class was taking place when I visited.  Again, providing a perfect excuse to return.  The columns surrounding Pittville Pump Room are a complete dream, particularly for those with a special place in their heart for grand, historic architecture.

Psst!  Pittville Pump Room leads directly onto Pittville Park and lake.   Because of this, be sure to visit on a weekday, as weekends can get very busy.  
Cheltenham Pittville pump Room in Sunshine
Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham in Winter
Instagram Guide to Cheltenham Pittville Pump Room


F O O D   +   D R I N K

Boy, oh boy.  We've reached the best bit.  There are more cafés and restaurants than you can possibly imagine in Cheltenham.  Better yet?  Nearly all of them feature beautiful exteriors in fitting with the grand regency buildings of the area.  The Swallow Bakery is located just off Imperial Square and offers some utterly Instagrammable cakes, including giant meringues covered with drizzled toffee and chocolate.  It's open from 8am-6pm and serves as the perfect start to a day of exploring.  If it's dinner you're after, located 11 minutes away from Imperial Square is the Chelsea Bar & Brasserie.  The restaurant's walls are lined with bottles of wine, creating the perfect backdrop for your (romantic) meal.  Oh, and then of course there's the hotels dotted around the luxurious town.  Queens Hotel Cheltenham was my accommodation for last week's staycation and the food was delicious!  Much of the food is from local Cotswolds farms and gourmet artisans.  The interior design of their restaurant is beautifully fresh and calm, although I'll leave it there as I'll be sharing much more about the hotel soon!
White Meringues Covered in Toffee Chocolate


I M P E R I A L   G A R D E N S  +  O T H E R S

As with most beautiful towns, there are quite a few parks to sit and enjoy a quiet moment.  Imperial Gardens are my favourite, and could be seen from the hotel windows throughout my stay.  Bliss.  If you're travelling with children, head to Pittville Park (the oldest ornamental park in Cheltenham) to enjoy the wide open space, lake and climbing frames.  Alternatively, spend a summer's afternoon at Sandford Lido's 50m pool, adjacent to Sanford Park and bring a picnic along with you!  Other options include Montpellier Gardens, or driving out a little way to discover the countless other public gardens on the outskirts of Cheltenham. 
Imperial Gardens Cheltenham in Winter Queen's Hotel



Okay, I lied.  I am going to talk a little more about the hotel.  If you've got Instagram in mind while snapping away in Cheltenham, head to Queens Hotel.  The white exterior lined with flags looks directly out onto Imperial Gardens and features some beautiful interior design throughout.  I really will leave it there now though as I've got a ton more to share about the hotel very soon in another post! 

Psst!  Book an afternoon tea for the ultimate picture-perfect moment.
The Queen's Hotel Cheltenham Travel Blog Guide
I hope this Instagram guide has been of some help to you, should you find yourself in the area anytime soon!  Have you ever visited Cheltenham before?  Anything here catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x



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  12. I just started following you on instagram. The architecture is breathtaking. I love the public telephones. We have nothing like Neptune Fountain in the States, I’ve seen Trevi Fountain in Rome, it’s very impressive. The Imperial gardens look sweet. I love your jacket.

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    You look fantastic yourself dear!
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  35. Oh, these photos are absolutely beautiful! I love the mood and drama of each of them, which captures the season and really enhances the details in each building and sculpture you've shared. Thanks so much for sharing these different locations with us, girlie, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



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  38. The architecture there is great and the fountains really reminds me Fontana di Trevi. I feel like I can't visit this place - I would probably end up eating all the time :D

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